Thursday, December 12, 2013


We have over the many months we have written this blog on occasions been deeply shocked (and disappointed) by the way senior staff in the Fire and Rescue Services have acted.

CFO's shaking hands with scabs returning to HQ, apparently the evidence of that was  wiped from the hard drive?  Not!!!

Managers, watched by HR and an ACO  rifling through handbags when its owner leaves the room and not forgetting  West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue  tracking employees cars and using private investigators to spy on their staff,  the money paid out spying would have paid a fire fighters wages for nearly 6 months! 

And last but most certainly not least we hear tonight that the Brigade Secretary of West Yorkshire FBU has been  told that prior to periods of industrial action  he cannot use his office at FSHQ.  That really is a lock out if ever there was one.

But today our focus has been  on another area of the country - Surrey,   where in a video aptly named URSCUM   you can (allegedly) clearly hear  CFO Russell Pearson of Surrey Fire and Rescue  refer to his striking staff  as scum. 

Chief Fire Officers are not born they are made - climbing the ranks by fair means or foul to end up earning offensively high salaries. You would think they would retain some of the integrity of the operational staff they manage - sadly not  as this video below clear demonstrates.

Ladies and Gentlemen we present SCUMGATE ..... and like it says "make up your own mind" And when you have watched it,  why not send Surrey Fire and Rescue an email to tell them how disgusted you are by clicking  HERE  and using  their compliments and complaints form for a COMPLAINT...

We sincerely hope that tonight a certain Chief Fire Officer  is writing their letter of resignation and compiling an extremely public apology to his staff.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seasons Greetings

It's not so often we are so quiet for so long,  but every so often the day job has take precedent for a while.
But, as we here at FCCL HQ have had a new influx of staff (whoopee) and we are also starting to wind down towards the Christmas  holiday period, grateful that we don't work shifts in the emergency services, it is time to offer our seasons greetings to everybody!

FCCL Magic Pixie 
HOW  do you send a card to the thousands of people that support
our pages ?  We do confess we struggled for a while to sort out the logistics and after Santa stubbornly refused to assist  (allegedly our request breached his terms and conditions) a magic pixie emailed us  the perfect solution.

Cheers Magic Pixie we are extremely grateful.

All you have to do is  download the image below, print it - fold it into 4 and pop it proudly on your mantelpiece. 
(you could of course tart it up a bit with the application of some glue and glitter 
- we know some of you like a bit of "bling" )

But please do not forget that at this time of year the only thing you should be setting light to is your Christmas pudding so  we include a couple of videos of our favourite bear  as a timely reminders that  FIRE KILLS and has no respect for what time of year it is.

And our personal favourite - 

Blaze Bear Cooks Christmas Dinner - the response time is amazing and they didn't send an FRU - which we understand is the protocol for a "bears reported" incident.