Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The New Improved Formula Really Works ............

Today in the FCCL office we have had a bit of good news. 
It concerns our recent post here 

One of our supporters emailed to say that they had just had confirmation from West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue that their holiday pay calculation on retirement in 2010 was incorrect and they were shortly  to receive

We are assured that the individual concerned will be popping by the FCCL office very soon so we can partake in a celebratory cup of coffee and a bun. (and he's paying) 

This is the third person  we are aware of who has got a windfall due to WYFRS messing up. 

As we know that

2012  - 24 firefighters retired
2013 - 16 firefighters retired 

that's potentially approx £80,000 owing from 
two years alone from operational staff - what about the non operational ones too !!!

and as we have already stated this claim was from a retirement in March 2010! so heavens knows how many more people may be entitled to cash. 

That's a lot of money people may be missing out on  that they may not be aware of. In our opinion the calculations should ALL BE CHECKED going back several years rather than individuals having to make a claim. 

Below are the calculations used for the most 
recent claim. 

Gross pay  £28,199 
Holidays Owed 28 days 

Old Formula 

4 weekly payments divided by 28 and multiplied by the number of days outstanding. 
= £2162.23 

New Formula 

           Annual payments divided by 182.5 
and multiply the number of days outstanding.
= £4326.42 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Integrity - and the men in the lift

There is a video at the end of this post we really need you to watch

Before we get back to our proper blogging after a week of heated conversations with an IT support worker- which warrants a post
in its self - we thought we would just demonstrate how two faced  Councillors can be.  
We would like to share this as a warning to those areas of the country who are currently fighting cuts in fire and rescue provision. Please learn from our mistakes. 

Way back in October 2011 we made our first foray into fighting cuts in fire and rescue, and we learnt very quickly that politicians say one thing and then do another. 

Below  is a snapshot of the Inner East Area Committee minutes - where the local Councillors for  the surrounding area assured the public (FCCL included) that they  agreed with the then Station Commander Tony Head,  that Gipton and Stanks Fire Stations  should be saved. 

Note : 

EIAC strongly opposed the closure of the Gipton and Stanks fire stations and
relocation to one base. Members felt this would undermine the safety, health
and wellbeing of constituents if this led to a reduction in service to the area.
EIAC urged local community representatives to participate in the consultation
and contact their local MP’s. Members thanked Station Commander Head for
his presentation and participation in the frank discussions


Firstly,  it was alleged by a Councillor very publicly  (over a year after the incident) that the Chair of the Fire Authority  Mehboob Khan bullied at least one Councillor into submission. We wrote about it HERE.  and if he bullied one we reckon he bullied more. 

SO ......

Ensure your local Councillors are not going to make political decisions behind your back..... pretty much  the night before the decision meeting was to be  held in our case. 
 ( at least one other Councillor from the same party and ward was unaware that  his colleague was going to vote through the closures - we know we have the text message). 

Don't just  write it down - VIDEO THEM  - so when they are up for re election you can play it back to show what they said. 
 (if they don't vote not to close stations etc) 

 If they are in or affiliated to a trades union - make sure their branch is aware that they are potentially voting through  cuts that affect peoples lives ( and not just financially  - it could kill them). Does a political party trump a trades union ?  - nope it doesn't 
( just ask Ed Milliband )  

Get them to state in the press, on TV and anywhere else in the public domain they are against the proposals. 

And last but most certainly not least  get to know your local FBU officials - they are your allies and also technical advisers 
on any campaigns. (although we do reckon ours might be a bit tired of us by now, bless him) 

.AND FINALLY  ...... 

What happened  to our politicians  is  demonstrated perfectly by the video below.....just imagine a lift full of fire officers and a Councillor trying to do what is right.  

Instead of doing what was best for the communities they represent  - the Councillors did what they were told by a set of overpaid, self serving fire chiefs on ridiculously high  salaries! 

It takes guts to stand up to authority  - we know that for sure. 

Timid Councillors + Arrogant Fire Officers = Disaster 

It may sound silly  but show your local Councillors this video - it may just  make a difference.