Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rest In Peace Jeff Naylor.

30 years ago today,10 weeks after rescuing children from a fierce house fire in Keighley  
Fireman Jeff Naylor who served at Keighley Fire Station died of  his injuries. 

He was the last fire fighter to die during operations in West Yorkshire. On April 29th this year the last remaining fire engine at Keighley was renamed "Fireman Jeff Naylor"  

Less than ten weeks later the named pump was sent to Slaithwaite and the nameplate removed to be added to another pump which will serve Keighley.

We here at FCCL have not hidden our disdain at the insensitivity of this act. But for now we offer our respects to Mr Naylor's family, friends and colleagues and remember him as the  man who paid the ultimate price for keeping us the public safe.

Rest In Peace - Jeff  Naylor. 

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