Friday, August 09, 2013

To Tweet or not to Tweet ?

Today FCCL went for a coffee and a welsh rarebit ( #aspirationalcheeseontoast ) with a lady we much admire, Anthea Orchard. We have been in touch for a while now with her  and have watched this weeks events unfold with interest (and a very unusual silence that some of you may have observed). 

Many comments in FCCL circles have said "if you knew, why didn't you blog it?" and  I have to admit I was seriously tempted BUT we  figured for such a serious allegation (which we hadn't had corroborated by anybody else) a face to face meeting was essential before any tapping of keyboards took place. Anyway today FCCL and Anthea met for the first, and we sincerely hope not the last time! And as it turns out we have a lot in common. (Under active thyroids and pet rabbits for a start). 

Having read a few of the WYFRS papers and emails  in depth ,  that Anthea has showed us, it seems some employees in WYFRS have nothing better to do with our tax payers money than to trawl face book for allegedly errant employees who heaven forbid have facebook pages. Are they working without permission or perhaps bringing WYFRS into dispute? It seems that as well as social media in WYFRS eyes it's Anti Social Media.

Although it seems to FCCL that WYFRS senior  managers seem to be doing a damn fine job of being anti social themselves recently.  Simon "no comment" Pilling could probably do with coming out of his ivory training  tower instead of peeking over the battlements and chucking the occasional AC/DC O to the crowd. Although many claim that Simon has completely lost the plot in all of this and actually WYFRS is currently a rudderless ship!

We  can't help but wonder as Anthea was exonerated of the allegations AND  received a payment for damages, if WYFRS employees (all views expressed are their own of course) will be reprimanded for posting negative comments in the social media world about an ex colleague.  We give an example on the left from a WYFRS current employee.

Don't know about anybody else but I find the #attentionseeking  hashtag in particular offensive!

How do we know he is a WYFRS employee? As an avid twitterer he actually tweets he is at Birkenshaw HQ !

Gary, bless him also seems to  revel in the fact that Anthea openly admitted on national TV  to being full of oestrogen when the events took place resulting in the  application for authority for directed surveillance that  was instigated by recently retired ACO Martyn Redfearn.

Well Gary, if you despise  women  whose hormones are all over the place because  they have recently given birth; you should have thought twice before really annoying a MENOPAUSAL ONE who runs a blog!


Anyway (windows 8 permitting ) we will be back  tomorrow with a post  "Rhodes to Nowhere". Well actually we think that ACO Rhodes may shortly be up a rather  dirty waterway without an appropriate method of propulsion to move him forward.  #redfacesallround  - maybe!  


Joe O'Keeffe said...

The occasional Group Manager and Area Manager chucked to the crowd to front the appalling public non consultation on cuts got a very nice promotion for their troubles. Taking a "bullet" for the Chief pays well. Presumably putting your name to a letter advertising for strike breakers could lead to being the new Captain of the said "rudderless" ship? An all time low for industrial relations

Anonymous said...

Anthea wasn't exonerated, Anthea didn't get damages , why is she telling porkies ? That tracker was state of the ark not art - the story simply does not stand up. The internet says she was selling baloons and books and running an anti wind farm campaign whilst apparently unable to work at fire control whilst expecting to be paid from hard working taxpayers money and is now opening a shop - hardly a hobby. More like a con trick

Anonymous said...

The internet says Simon Pilling is wonderful and everything is hunky dory. This website has proved to everybody that this not the case. I have watched with interest what's been said today and a fair few people should bow their heads in shame. Currently I am ashamed to be a member of the Fire Brigades Union.

Trackergate said...

anonymous#1 you don't know what you're talking about. I have an ESLET1 to say I was exonerated, by virtue of the fact that I have an ESLET1. The meeting in which i was handed that letter was attended by Nigel Hotson and Dom Furby as well as me and my FBU rep so approach one of them for clarification if you wish. you have my authorisation to do so.

Anonymous#2 Why be ashamed of the FBU when they are the only decent people left that will stand by you through thickn and thin? They have integrity, unlike the management team that I dealt with.

Let me ask you all this? What kind of person would enter your personal handbag in a meeting whilst you were momentarily out of the room? I'll tell you what kind of person... a guilty, underhanded member of management wearing a white shirt, which incidentally isn't white due to his honesty,let's put it that way.

Before you all post more about what you think happened, you wanna get your facts straight and stop wasting oxygen that others need.

Trackergate said...

oh and i also have screenshots of some of my ex colleagues who were trolling me on the internet whilst this was all going on. will post if necessary.

Anonymous said...

To avoid any confusion.
FCCL isn't the voice of the FBU and doesn't always reflect the opinions of the FBU. Likewise individual members don't speak on behalf of the FBU, it is their personal view. Therefore both parties are not reflecting the opinions of the FBU in this particular case.
Dave Williams
FBU Brigade Secretary
West Yorkshire

Trackergate said...

Well done for clarifying Dave, I think there was definitely some confusion.

Anonymous said...

To tweet or not to Tweet, gone very quiet on here?

Sarah Covell said...

Sorry -

1. As sick as a parrot a week.

2. Waiting for an email from a sound engineer.

3. Once that arrives just need to click publish and then all hell breaks loose. :-)

Anonymous said...

So anthea screen grabber orchard was only out of the room for a few minutes. So when exactly did she start recording ? Lets have a guess would it be before she walked in ? Did she do it in agreement with the FBU or did she not bother telling them either, what else is on this tape that we have not heard ? There is an old saying trackergate about when st first you start to deceive and for you the game is up. The public lost sympathy with you when that blond business woman blasted you out of the water on tv. Not surprising really as taxpayers expect their public servants to actually work now and again