Friday, September 06, 2013

The Truth -Every Second Counts !

Above is a video by London FBU which clearly demonstrates that what politicians

SAY and what they DO

are two different things.

 REMEMBER - we, the public working together with the Fire Brigades Union


In 2011 WYFRS agreed to close 10 Fire Stations and bragged about getting
1750 hits on their website.

In 2012 working in partnership the public and FBU saved 3 stations from closure and modified the fire authority's plans dramatically.  This blog in 3 months received 41,000 hits and to date has clocked up over 100,000 views which proves to us

People can make a difference
 if they work together !


Mr Smith said...

Yes its true the Fire Authority carried out a consultation, it then listened to the people and made some changes.That is democracy in action isn't it- government of the people for the people and who can complain about that - it works quite well.

Anonymous said...

Not quite there was a great deal of opposition to the 2011 cuts but they were completely ignored. seems our politicians and senior management see sense when a short fat middle aged woman names, shames and publicises. Good on you Sarah

Sarah Covell said...

Ha ha so true (you missed off scruffy btw)

Andy said...

More like berates belittles and insults using sarcasm as a weapon of mass denigration. Why not be nice for a change and congratulate the fire chiefs for saving one of Leeds biggest employers factories last week. They and the firefighters they manage deserve a big pat on the back

Anonymous said...

Andy you need to start taking more water with you actually had a kind word for management, they will be amazed

Anonymous said...

I see nothing has been mentioned in the local papers or on west yorkshires incident log about the fatality at a flat fire in Keighley today !!! Haven't they just lost a fire engine there and due to close Haworth next year ??

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all the members of the FBU in West Yorkshire and the Brigades Committee, many, many congratulations on your 1st Birthday. On a personal note I want to thank Sarah for her hard work for exposing some of the wrong doings at the heart of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, you've certainly opened the eyes of lots of unsuspecting people and provided a service that WYFRA can only dream about.

Dave Williams
WY FBU Brigade Secretary

Anonymous said...

What wrong doing are you talking about Dave ?

Anonymous said...

Err Andy, just what factory are we supposed to have saved this week. Not the one at rawdon surely....looked like it had car park potential by the time we left it.

Anonymous said...

The problem, Andy, is that with less and less fire engines and firefighters and longer response times, scenes like that decimation at Rawdon will become more and more common. The fact is that the longer a fire burns, the longer it goes undetected, the longer it takes to put water on the fire THE WORSE IT WILL BE! And as the fire happened during the day when people were around to notice it, it proves that Smoke alarms or other detection systems don't stop fire from happening! dspite the best claims of WYFRS. It will be interesting to see the attendance times of the appliances that were sent. Its possible that if the correct number of pumps were sent in the first place, the damage could have been a lot less!

Anonymous said...

Some of the criticism here is unbelievable. The fire brigade put the fire out and even the owners say most of the business was saved so what's this rubbish about left with car park potential. If you want to blame anyone for the cuts then blame the Government for poor priorisation of financial resources not the Chief Fire Officer for struggling to balance the books and I seem to recollect birthday girl admitted to voting for the Liberals which is an odd choice.

Sarah Covell said...

If everybody thought this blog was fine I would have failed. It is a success because people read points of views and comment accordingly. Birthday Girl - very kind but my birthday is months away. And yes I openly and freely voted liberal once - because I vote for the person not the party. But in the two years before I voted labour (indeed I openly supported both Asghar Khan and Ron Grahame. Both are the biggest wastes of space I have ever met. They lie compulsively and are not fit to hold office. And to if we are being frank, George Mudie begged me to join the labour party in 2012because they are desperate to replace incompetent councillors !!!

I will never vote Labour again, due entirely to the lies and behaviour of Asghar and Ron.

And I will continue to blog - so if you don't like it democracy and transparency I respectfully suggest you look elsewhere for your kicks.