Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Calculating Your Holiday Pay.

Just a quickie this evening !  

No - please don't try , honest it's not a good idea! 

There have been a few postings on Facebook recently about West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
miscalculating holiday pay lost due to sickness

For information we are showing below the 

NEW  Calculation 

The current formula used by the  Finance department is annual
payments divided by 182.5 and multiply the number of days outstanding.

and the OLD Calculation 

4 weekly payments divided by 28 and multiplied by the number of days

So if you have recently left WYFRS check 
your final payments.
Any queries,we are sure your local FBU rep will advise.
Please note this is for WEST YORKSHIRE only - we do not know if it applies to other brigades. 

If you do get any back dated pay do let us know.

And finally  a quick thank you to Mark Hamilton for requesting this calculation by a Freedom of Information request in 
November 2013. 

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