Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pots and Kettles ACO Walton

There are a lot of posts this evening about the emergency services who on this festive evening will be working just the same as any other day of the year. With heavy rain and bad weather on the way and both incidents and response times on the up,  it will be far from the lazy Christmas many of us will have.

They will be missing this ..........

Perhaps even this .........

But hypocrites they most certainly aren't

unlike ACO Dave Walton of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue who committed a twitter faux pas today that we personally think was an insult to the committed operational staff of WYFRS who are working over the festive period.


Today, Christmas Eve he tweeted this


 But on the 22nd he tweeted this.

We have to confess we do love his tweet about    Ignoring media hype about firefighters with truncheons & cops with hoses-Is move to Home Office good for FRS?

Which we basically interpret as "@?*& goes my chance to be a CFO" 


With the magnificent total of 39 votes we suspect many in the Chief Fire Officers Association members at Birkenshaw agree with him it's not a great idea.  Let's face it who would want  Theresa May as your boss!

We will no doubt talk more about the police and crime commissioners in  2016.

But for now there are just two things

1. to David Williams , West Yorks FBU brigade secretary who burst out laughing when he heard I had a spinning wheel  - been warned sweetie with another FOUR YEARS of cuts coming you might just end up with the FRS equivalent  - a bucket of water.

2. Santa has brought our present a little early - the site is still under construction but ladies and gentlemen  we present (da da daaaa)

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