Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Cat - Another Story !

Our  ears pricked up this morning when another cat  in the WYFRS estate spilled the beans on what was happening on her patch. 

The picture she sent gave us a bit of a hint.

Leeds Station Cat

It seems that firefighters based at Leeds Station on Kirkstall Road are being paid
to paint the interior of the station

(whilst on duty!)

Obviously we hope this is being paid legitimately via the payroll  system, although we are not sure how?

Overtime maybe ? 

This raises many issues, including that of equality.
Do all fire fighters at all stations get the opportunity to tart up their stations ?
Was a proper procurement exercise undertaken?
Health and Safety also springs to mind, although FCCL arent too worried about their ability to use ladders. 


and its quite a


(yes i can imagine all the snide comments thank you very much) 


You know the run of the mill stuff like Home Fire Safety Checks, SCRI's,

The risk banding for Leeds in 2012 is VERY HIGH the projected risk band for 2013 is also  VERY HIGH. 
Is this because instead of doing their proper jobs, staff there are wielding paintbrush

 Leeds areas for performance improvement are

Road Traffic Collisions

Malicious False Alarms

Actual Rescues

As the same document  we obtained these figures from states that Leeds FS will be utilising  staff and resources from Moortown and Cookridge to enable them to achieve their targets, we don't understand  why qualified fire fighters are being allowed (and indeed paid ) to decorate a fire station!

We wonder if the councillors on the Fire Authority know and condone this practice?

For information the Leeds District Risk Reduction Plan is available HERE


Gino said...

This is total rubbish!!!! Do you really think the fire service would do this??? they have a care of duty and they do actually care for there employers...To me this is posted by you just to stir trouble, not a good idea in these times or any other time come to that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get yourself down to your local adult learning centre and enrol on an "English for beginners" course Your command of the English language in its written form is way below that of an average ten year old. The term you are after is "duty of care". Take note that "there" (meaning "put that cup over there") and their (meaning "their cup is empty")are used in entirely different ways and have entirely different meanings. (Something you will learn on your course) Now run along and come back when you have been educated. Then we may take what you say as being something near to that coming from someone worth listening to!!

Anonymous said...

Employer = Someone who employs another
Employee = Someone who works for their employer.


Love from
Sowerby Bridge station cat

Sarah Covell said...

well after thinking about it for a while (and we have had hints of these before. I think Leeds FS may have achieved its quotas incertain areas. We first spoke of this on Nov 18th 2012 in our post "Oh what a tangled web we weave"

FCCL's other concern mentioned above is that of "duty of care"- we agree wholeheartedly that is extremely important. So yet again we would like to raise the issue of second pump attendance times. An average of 9secs increase? We don't think so Mr Beckley!

Anonymous said...

Yet again we are still waiting for any kind of proof. Often promised but never delivered.

Sarah Covell said...

you could always ask yourself ;-)