Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Smoke Alarms or a Dog ?

We have had an  “We Told You So” weekend here at FCCL.

It is with great sadness we have to report the death of an elderly lady in Beeston, South Leeds. Joyce Williams who was in her 80s was involved in a house fire in Westbourne Place. 

The incident which took place around midnight on Saturday brings yet again one simple fact to the fore. A smoke alarm is only of use if people hear and respond to it. And in this case as detailed in the Yorkshire Evening Post   HERE   the neighbours ignored the alarm (even though they smelt smoke)  only when their windows started to heat up did they go outside and realise there was a fire in the house next door. 

This is the second time since we started this blog that this has been the case.  In Bradford Mr Brears  died when an alarm was disregarded by neighbours. For more information on this incident please click HERE   

Sadly by the time the fire fighters arrived at the fire in Beeston, Leeds on Saturday night  (incidentally from Morley and Hunslet stations)  it is thought the fire in the back to back house had been alight for several hours. For more information on back to back houses please click HERE 

We are not in a position to comment on how those neighbours must be feeling at the moment, we can only imagine  but we would like to point out several hard facts:- 

Both Morley and Hunslet stations were to be closed if the fire authority,  had it not been challenged by FCCL, the FBU and many others.  

Response times would increase regardless of what the figures say – just ask a fire fighter at Morley or Hunslet (but for heaven sake be discreet as we have known  sadly of people being victimised and harassed for supporting our cause). We sadly will  have to blog about this victimisation shortly as it involves a member of the FCCL team. 

A fire with persons involved requires the attendance of three pumps -   which at present is  adequately covered by Morley and Hunslet............ BUT after the cuts are implemented........ Hunslet is to lose a pump and Morley is to be day crewed (which we have talked about HERE). So at night, Morley  firefighters will have to get to the fire station first, which will add at least 5 mins to a  response time, then cant leave without a qualified driver and crew manager – so if there is a delay, bad weather, accident – What happens then?  

Well, we know the answer – people will die!

However - there was a house fire over the weekend  that resulted in some good news. 

In the early hours of Sunday morning crews from Gipton and Stanks attended a house fire in  Ramshead Gardens, Seacroft. The incident feed from WYFRS read like this 

House fire, ground floor of house involved, crews have used 1 hose reel and 4 breathing apparatus, 2 male adults, 2 female adults and 1 female child all suffered smoke inhalation and were transported to hospital by ambulance

But we know that it was the families Staffordshire Bull Terrier who saved the day, the dogs bark woke the family up and they  were able to alert the fire service.  Sadly we haven't been able to ascertain the dogs colour or age but we send it a virtual pat on the back from all of us here at FCCL. 

Of course we also send a pat on the back to the fire fighters at Gipton and Stanks (because at least  one or probably two of us here at FCCL consider them our favourite fire stations) - and yes we know we shouldn't really have favourites!!!!! but we do. 

So the question is 

do you install  a smoke alarm 
or do you buy a dog ? 

If you decide one, other or both is the correct answer please click on the following links

For a free home fire safety check from WYFRS 
please click  HERE
Miss Phoebe Four Paws 

And  if you really think a mans best friend is his dog - why not contact  the Dogs Trust HERE, we are not suggesting you replace a smoke alarm with a dog but you could try a spot of volunteering or a donation to a very worthy cause. 


Anonymous said...

Can't beat a good staffie - every home should have one on top of a smoke detector a co2 alarm and a sprinkler system because if a fire does break out and you don't get out quick you probably won't make it even if there were twice as many fire stations - fact of life the fire service put fires out but true rescues are rare

Anonymous said...

Rescues are rare are they...?

Let's see shall we over the past week...

11/1/13 Highfield road, RTC 2 cars involved 1 person extricated by fire service personnel
11/1/13 Southcliffe Drive, flat fire female occupier suffered smoke inhalation
12/1/13 Savile Close, 1 female casualty given oxygen by fire service crews
12/1/13Barton View, 1 female casualty taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation
12/1/13 Dewsbury Moor RTC 1 car overturned, 1 casualty trapped in vehicle extricated by fire service
13/1/13 Church street RTC 2 cars 4 persons trapped, 1 male unconscious and breathing all 4 extricated by fire service
13/1/13 Boothtown road, RTC 3 cars involved 5 persons trapped, 1 fatality (rest in peace) all extricated by fire service
13/1/13 Golden Acre park 2 adults and 2 children rescued by fire service from mud banking
13/1/13 Whiteley Road, RTC 1 car, 1 person trapped, casualty extricated by fire service
15/1/13 West Park, flat fire male casualty suffering smoke inhalation

unfortunately the dog's weren't on hand for the majority of those rescues.....

It just goes to show that the fact is there are rescues carried out on a daily basis, it's just not reported.

David Williams
Brigade Secretary

Anonymous said...

yeah sorry meant to say rescues of people from burning buildings are rare compared to the number of building fires the fire brigade goes to , fully accept fire service cuts a lot of people out of cars along with rescuing cats up trees , rodents in ponds and even dogs in crevices but it is true isn't it that 99 per cent of people get themselves out of buildings on fire before the fire service gets there or they don't get out alive like in that case in London in the papers this week

Simon Martin said...

It's pretty tragic that neighbors would ignore a fire alarm system and because they did so, their neighbor died. I they had responded to it, then maybe their neighbor would still be alive.

Justin Chan said...

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