Thursday, May 02, 2013

Low Risk, High Price

In a matter of minutes


 and can 

turn you into one of these  

or  (if one of the FCCL team was involved )one of  these   really quickly................ 
Don't you think he has a look of BossHooch about him? 

But,  both of the above can  be prevented  by a teensy weensy addition to the family home of one or two of these

Sadly we have to report that a lady in Kippax died a few days ago  - she didn't have a smoke alarm.  

The incident postcode was LS25 7JE designated  by WYFRS own risk registers  a VERY LOW RISK area . 

Now the other thing to notice about this particular fire is the the time of the call to WYFRS 

5.16 PM

A time when people are about in the street, the nights are light and you would expect a fire to be  noticed fairly early on (the smokes a bit of a give away) 

This lady was rescued by crews from 

Castleford,   Rothwell   and   Garforth 
(3 engines for a persons reported housefire  remember) 

But sadly she  was pronounced dead at hospital  - we offer our sincere condolences to her family 

A report by the BBC can be found here and it seems the fire was caused by a discarded cigarette and also the property had no working smoke alarm.  Yet again this incident did not feature on the WYFRS incident log. 

Now the lady concerned WAS RESCUED ALIVE , BUT had this incident occured in January 2014 the scenario may have been different. From  then  Rothwell & Garforth will convert to the system of DAY CREWING.  This is when a station is staffed from 7am till 5pm, then the firefighters are at home ON CALL. 

So if they get a "shout" they have to leave home and get to the fire station - this takes 

5 minutes 

SO if this particular fire in a very low risk area had happened 10 months hence,  

2 of the three engines would have turned up 
5 minutes later than they did earlier this week. 

Yes we are happy that  Garforth and Rothwell were not closed completely - but what the fire authority Councillors failed to realise is that  day crewing actually significantly reduces cover and gives a much worse service  at arguably  the times (evenings) when cover is most needed. 

We wrote about the technical side of day crewing here in our post 

it's an interesting read. 

Now,  we can excuse Councillors being 
un - knowledgeable about the  technical details 
of fire and rescue 


these proposals were made by a chappie who is supposed to know what he is doing!!!!!

We have doubted his technical abilities before 


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Fiend of Boss Hooch said...

As a Fiend of BossHooch, I have to complain about your character assassination of the poor chap in your latest blog, he is nothing like a little devil! He was told many years ago that upon his demise he would not be allowed “down below” due to his proficiency at extinguishing fires. The proprietor of those said premises were afraid that the “Fires of Hell” would be quickly dowsed and he would have to join the ranks of the un-employed!

As a comparison, Loki the Norse God would be more apt see below-

It is Loki's place to find fault. This aspect of the God of Mischief is the starting point of a humorous tale, "The Flyting of Loki". The story is a roughshod romp on the character of the Gods, finding fault with each. The "Flyting" alludes to his work as the accuser and fault finder.

One important point is that Loki only finds fault. He looks for weaknesses, flaws and faults. Loki does not look for strengths or assets. That is the work of other Gods. Loki's place is to uncover that which is wrong.

Loki is the Revealer. He is focused on exposure of wrongs, not revelation of that which is right

Loki is the Trickster, the Prankster, the Jester and the Joker. He is the Merry Fiddler who starts the party. Loki brings humour and amusement. It is he who helps us laugh. Indeed, there is a truth to humour. Many things are revealed in jest.

The Prankster is not a safe prankster, for it is also Loki's task to upbraid the windbag, the pompous ass and the show-off. When one gets too big for his britches, Loki has the prank that takes him down a peg or two. It is the humour of Loki that deflates the pretentious. It is his trickery that exposes the sanctimonious prig as a weasel.

Sarah Covell said...

Perhaps FCCL should adopt Loki and dump St Florian! But we need St Florians ability to put out large fires with a single bucket of water. ( handy as long as no chip pans are involved).

Anonymous said...

Loki is no good for you Sarah. You know the assets of the fire service are its fire fighters. Perhaps a joint working agreement between Satan & Loki just as you have with the FBU.

"I work with Loki not for him " D. Ville May 2013.

Anonymous said...

Or St Florian , Satan & Loki Three somes are always useful.

Paul said...

Character Assassination, poor chap. Simon P earns 160k a year. Poor is not a word he understands.