Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodbye Marsden We Will Miss You..............

As of  Midnight tonight, fire and rescue cover in the Colne Valley is significantly reduced. 

Marsden Fire Station Closes at Midnight 

WYFRA seem to think that it is no longer necessary 
- as cover can be provided by
 Slaithwaite  further down the Colne Valley.

Here is what WYFRS say about Marsden ........

Marsden Fire Station, built in 1956, is located on the A62 just outside the village centre and is set in the dramatic and beautiful scenery of the Peak District National Park and the South Pennine moorland.  There is a population of 3832 and the area incorporates 1690 dwellings. The station is managed by a station commander who is also responsible for Slaithwaite and Meltham fire stations. The station is staffed by a full time local retained support officer and retained firefighters who operate the 'on call' retained duty system.  The staff take a pride and perform an active role within the community supporting many community events with the village and raising money for local charities through car wash days.The biggest risk within the station is Standedge tunnel, the longest and deepest rail and canal tunnel in the country.  Marsden also has large tracks of moorland much of which is classified as SSI status with big areas owned by The National Trust.  The station borders with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

So we wonder what is going to happen if there is a light at either end of Standedge Tunnel ?  

We do know accidents happen  -  as can be read in the Saddleworth News HERE 

Lets just hope (and prayers might be handy too) that there isnt an incident in the tunnel,  as its a long drive from Diggle! Even in a fire engine...... 


We have been hearing rumours FOR MONTHS that at the end of April 2013, CFO Simon Pilling was going to announce (proudly no doubt) that West Yorkshire no  longer had any 

VERY HIGH RISK AREA's  - all remaining were to be down graded to "just"   HIGH 

As there have been deaths recently in VERY HIGH RISK areas in Leeds - we think it would be foolish of WYFRS to make any such announcements.

Tomorrow is MAY 1st  - we watch and will wait to see what happens ! 

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