Thursday, June 06, 2013

6 minutes response time vital - why ?

We bang on about fires a  lot here at FCCL  and  don't mention rescues very often, the video below is about texting whilst  driving  but demonstrates clearly (and graphically! ) why response times for rescues are just as important as response times for fires. 

Because if you are trapped in a car and injured,  a increase in response time of a couple of minutes  from Fire and Rescue  can be the difference between 



In emergency medicine, the golden hour (also known as golden time) refers to a time period lasting from a few minutes to several hours following traumatic injury being sustained by a casualty, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death. It is well established that the patient's chances of survival are greatest if they receive care within a short period of time after a severe injury.
In cases of severe trauma, especially internal bleeding, surgical intervention is required. Complications such as shock may occur if the patient is not managed appropriately and expeditiously. 

It therefore becomes a priority to transport patients suffering from severe trauma as fast as possible to specialists, most often found at a hospital trauma center, for definitive treatment. Because some injuries can cause a trauma patient to deteriorate extremely rapidly, the lag time between injury and treatment should ideally be kept to a bare minimum; over time, this lag time has come to be specified as a now-standard time frame of no more than 60 minutes, after which time the survival rate for traumatic patients is alleged to fall off dramatically

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue are currently consulting about response times in their  area 

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to take you directly to the consultation questions.

More information about their Integrated Risk Management Plan can be found HERE

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