Monday, June 17, 2013

Are you being .......watched ?

Sadly we are  hearing reports of WYFRS employees being threatened with disciplinary proceedings for liking our Facebook page, which is available by clicking  HERE. apparently  exercising free will outside of working hours is potentially detrimental to your career!

People here at FCCL are too having issues with WYFRS management, where it seems hearsay is rife about the magical effects of  our website. Sorry we cant tell you more but we did drop  big hints here and here. 

We have always been aware that support for our facebook page and blog has been tremendous and that the number of likes and comments hasn't been commensurate with the traffic either site receives. 


FCCL are  very much aware that firefighters and non operational staffs jobs are much more important than people  liking the work we do. People have mortgages, financial commitment and family's to consider..........please do not put yourself at risk by liking our pages. We know we have firefighter Facebook friends who suddenly disappear and block us and believe me we do not  take offence. 

But its not just us who are conspiracy theorists. This Freedom of Information Request via the website  is very interesting too. It is about WYFRS using surveillance to watch their staff.

Please provide me the amount of times in the years   the authority's employees have been placed under surveillance.    ( Surveillance meaning when the West Yorkshire Fire Authority has put an employee under observation by a procured third party.)





And the response was 

 2009 – 0

2010 – 1

2011 – 2

2012 – 1

We wonder if WYFRS has ever had a tracker placed on an employees car ? Or maybe  has all their station cats microchipped !   Perhaps we should FOI them and ask (nicely of course). 

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