Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear Simon .............Just a little note to say

Just a little note to say
Your staff won't be at work today
So try your very bestest to
Watch facebook, twitter, our blog too


of course don't  leave any cameras running on pumps, RTC wedges in doors and make sure there are no mobile phone cameras about when your scabs mess things up.

Lots of love   FCCL 


Anonymous said...

Hi FCCL, its station cat, not posted for a while but with Haworth my basket of choice due to close(despite our brave fight) I was checking out another station down the Aire valley, now I did have my reservations because they had been breaking the strike, but hey a warm basket is a warm basket.
And that's exactly how the station worked, they all said we live in the community and we couldn't possibly let our neighbors down.
Sounded like my type of place.
I was nicely tucked up, and from what I could gather a bike race of some magnitude was passing nearby, all the people were in great debate would they be available for call, would they be prepared to stand to at a different location.
Seemed a no brainer to me(but hey I'm a cat)Support your community, love thy neighbor and all that.
But guess what, they haggled over money, wanted to watch the race and decided to provide no cover.
Well that did it for me, community fire station, I'd sooner sleep rough.
Take care FCCL Meow Meow

Sarah Covell said...

Haworth Station cat, nice to see four paws have more integrity than some twos.
If you ever need a home we have a comfy sofa and unlimited tuna here at FCCL HQ.

Anonymous said...

As I troop down the Aire valley pussin boots style a passing Owl, swooped low to wish me well and give me the latest news.
Full pay for all to cover the strike, not just the few hours but the whole day, and get this, you can go do your normal job as well.
Well me and Owl have caught a few Rats in our time but never been fed twice for our toil.
Its a sad day, and one of shame, coming from Haworth we know our Bible(Reverend Bronte) and the passage about 30 pieces of silver and Judas spring to mind and also in the garden, before cock crows you will betray me 3 times.
Don't worry , me and Owl will be ok there are lots of Rats down the valley.