Wednesday, July 09, 2014

For Sale

Its not often you get items like this on the market.

Excellent condition - A GPS Tracker used by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

Do you have employees you want to spy on: FBU officials you need to keep track of? 

Need to make sure senior officers stay at their desks during periods of industrial action scouring facebook and twitter for subversive posts and don't go AWOL ?

As the person who found this tracker now wants to dispose of it - no reasonable offer will be refused.

Oh bugger it we can't resist HANDBAG GATE  take a peep and what happened next ..........


Anonymous said...

I am dumbfounded....... Utter disbelief. Although, after my treatment at the hands of FRS ant management I don't know why..... Did they get occy health to fit it to the vehicle......?????????!!

Anonymous said...

No Occy health do the straightjacket fitting for the "investigations" they dont touch anything electrical.

Sarah Covell said...

See i know exactly what i would have done with that if it had been my car.
Told nobody and everynight drive it to CFO Pillings house, hidden it in a bush and gone back to collect it bright and early.