Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will there be redundancies at the Top Table ?

On careful reading of the Executive Committee Meeting held on June 13th we have noticed the following paragraph. The full docs are available Here

Principle Command Team  - Succession Planning

The Committee considered a detailed report from the Chief Executive/ Chief Fire Officer setting out options for future succession planning and possible revisions of the principal officer uniformed service command structure which also affected the future structure of the management board. The Chief Executive / Chief Fire Officer expressed his preference for adoption of Option 1 (as detailed in the report) which would in due course potentially reduce the overall number of Principal Officers. It was noted that there would be a lengthy "trial period" which would enable a robust operating assessment to be made of the practical feasibility of the proposals which would also require approval from the full Authority in due course as such matters are "reserved matters".

SO IF YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING  REDUCTIONS _ WHY HAVE YOU JUST APPOINTED TWO NEW ACO'S ?  One to start 1st  January  (David Walton of WMFRS) and Steve Rhodes of WYFRS to take up  post in  July  2013.

We would also like to add that as with all WYFRA documents - none of the actual reports referred to are in the public domain.  So we  can only guess that Option 1 - was to keep the fat cats fed and continue to reduce the people who actually do the hard and dirty work of fire and rescue.


Anonymous said...

how come they can bring people in from the west midlands - surely all recruitment in this age of austerity should be from within your own ranks. Who else in the public sector is recuiting externally?

Fighting 46th said...

What difference does it make where the people they bring in come from?

Doesn't the statement say that option 1 means a reduction in prinicpal officers?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised one has been appointed from outside when reductions in staff are what the budgets demand. Rather strange. Couldn't one of the potential vacancies be covered by a temp??

Anonymous said...

its a good point - surely in part the concept is to reduce revenue expenditure and that could be done by advertising internally only. Especially when the expenditure is such large amounts!