Friday, December 21, 2012

Bloodbath at Birkenshaw

Ok ok so we are exagerating just a teeny bit.... but it was  a very interesting meeting.

One of the comments ........

Cllr Brian Selby ----  "the consultation had been exemplary"   and he congratulated the officers and staff of the authority for their  sterling work. He slated "certain blogs and websites" however for making  offensive  and personal remarks about staff. 

Doh Brian!!!   its not offensive - its was factual, constructive and yes a tad close to the bone, but necessary.........



 And actually it worked ......Simon  Pilling & Co did not get the result they wanted. Their "expert"  opinion was challenged and overturned.  

We at FCCL and the FBU and many other groups and individuals have forced (yes forced) a load of councillors who have for years and years done as they were told by Chief Fire Officer Pilling.  his predecessors and his staff  and challenged him and four stations were saved. Four in our opinion isn't enough and we must try harder going into 2013 but by hell we all made a difference.  

We have decided to celebrate our small success to publish  a small book of poetry and pictures used in this campaign to raise money for the FBU Benevolent Fund ---- details will be available shortly. 

Many Thanks for YOUR SUPPORT 

Fire Cuts Cost Lives Team 


Anonymous said...

Stop lambasting hard working public servants and local politicians doing their best to cope with axeman pickles savage cuts

Sarah Covell said...

NO because those so called public servants don't do their job properly ----- which i think by our success is evident.

You vote for them again --- many wont.

Anonymous said...

The Fire Cuts Campaign and the FBU stood shoulder to shoulder with my deprived community to fight to maintaining adequate cover in the very high risk area I live in and I for one am grateful for their Sterling efforts after all they could just have 'sent their apologies' like some of our elected representatives did and walked away.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success so far! Honesty can be a bitter pill for some to swallow, but I know that won't stop the hard but dedicated work to continue keeping the general public safe and informed.

Anonymous said...

I don't actaully think you did anything.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the public I would like to thank the FBU officials for their hard work in trying to ensure the cuts didnt go ahead. It is a real shame that the government doesnt care as much about public safety as the FBU. Its a real shame that a Labour controlled Fire Authority didnt have the balls amd sense to throw it all back to government and say no. The West Yorkshire Fire Service and the Councilors on the Authority say they have been fighting the cuts by lobbying the government but have they really? Did they really try hard? NO...they didnt! They could have spoken out in the media, they could have joined the FBU in the fight for public safety. Simon Pilling should have led the march through Leeds! Shame on them all....for helping the government destroy one of our finest public services! I hope then when people sadly start to die in fires, they all feel guilty as they should! Disgrace!

Joe O'Keeffe said...

Very well said, and all very true.

Less than 9 pence per week, per household in West Yorkshire would have avoided these cuts.

Surely just under a fiver per year was a small amount to maintain public safety.

But if you pay a Councillor nearly £70k per year and a Chief Fire Officer £160k they will implement your cuts for you regardless of public opinion.

This whole public consultation process has been a disgrace, most people in West Yorkshire still totally unaware of the cuts.

Shame on the Labour right who applauded it.

Anonymous said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Not much chance in a house fire now
When the pumps so far away.

Oh, 999 999
Help is on its way
Better jump, coz we lost a pump
And the next ones miles away

Anonymous said...

Big show of support for the chief, nearly all his senior officers on parade in the public seating.(wasn't there any work to do)
No mention of the fact that odsals appliance room was to small for the command unit and that was why it was going to FWG.
You'd have thought with all them officers they would be getting the basics right.
No apologies to the Odsal lads having to move station because of their schoolboy error.
If Odsal was the chosen site at least tell the meeting of your little mistake.
Have some pride and honesty WYFRS senior management

Anonymous said...

Actually I think you will find the reason the command unit is not going to Odsal is to staff that nasty FRU 24 hours a day

Anonymous said...

just admit it didn't fit, nothing to do with the FRU, it was sold to the troops that Odsal was close to the Motorway etc, bit like the idle -Shipley site, how come that's had to move if the state of the art planning said it should have been site A but we will now put it at site B.
If it had fit Odsal could have had the FRU and the various appliances.

Anonymous said...

This campaign should be asking why is the Government imposing bigger cuts in urban fire service budgets whilst continuing to give away billions in foreign aid most of which is frittered away by fraudsters when it allows large companies to evade tax and wastes billions more on benefits for scroungers and tax breaks for wealthy families and pensioners - just a fraction of all this waste would pay for ample fire police and schools and hospitals - start throwing your darts at the dartboard not the wall