Monday, December 03, 2012

HOW MANY !!!!!!!

We here at FireCutsCostLives need to say a big THANK YOU 

When we started this blog in September  we aimed to get 1751 hits

(one more than WYFRS had on their site during the 2011 consultation period)   

In September we had  1,214

By October we had 10,928 hits in one month 

And by November we had 28,859 hits 

This gives a grand total throughout the 12 week period of consultation of 41,001 hits  

As we were directing our traffic to the WYFRS website we wonder how many they got? 


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE - that is brilliant and shows what a difference people can make

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it does mak a difference although cuts are already taking with a fire engine being taken out of use in the Bradford district on Sunday due to low staffing levels

Anonymous said...

A fantastic effort by all involved at FCCL, and on behalf of the Fire Brigades Union in West Yorkshire I want to thank everyone involved, but on a personal level I want to thank Sarah Covell for her outstanding efforts not just during this years consultation but for last year too. Dave Williams, Brigade Secretary FBU