Monday, December 17, 2012

So What's New

So Whats New?

Well the Consultation Period is over (or is it?) . Following massive rejection of the proposals, WYF&RS have now watered down their plans  They can be found here->.  
A report of the consultation can also be found amongst the agenda of the meeting due to take place on Friday.( It can be found here)  from Page 91 onwards - but we have copied the relevant pieces:-


4.1 The Authority received  seven letters/emails 
(NOTE -Only SEVEN! -editor) 
of support or indications of no objection to the proposals.  These were from West Yorkshire Resilience Forum, Leeds City Council Safer and Stronger Scrutiny Committee, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, (What about South Yorkshire Fire Service?-Editor) Kirklees Council and two residents from Marsden and Morley. (Must be officers? ed')

4.2 12,037 letters/emails of objection/concern from individuals, groups or organisations were received - 1,309 being unspecific in nature.  
Across the county 
45% of these relate to proposals in the Leeds district, 
22% within the Bradford district, 
13% in Wakefield district, 
9% in the Kirklees district 
and less than 
1% in the Calderdale district. 
This contrasts to a total 2,999 items of formal representation received following public consultation during September – December 2011 regarding seven proposals to change emergency cover in West Yorkshire.
Wow what an increase! We at FCCL wonder why?

4.3 There was a volume of correspondence that opposed changes in the districts of Bradford and Leeds.  258 letters/emails of objection/concern related to changes proposed across the  Bradford District and  14 letters/emails were received relating to  changes across the Leeds District. The issues of concern are captured under the relevant proposals below. 

4.4 Activity/responses relating directly to the eleven proposals was as follows (all figures  excluding responses by the Fire Brigades Union  and Fire Officers’ Association which are outlined at sections 4.15.1 and 4.15.2 below).


It doesn't say, however, how many hits their web site had! 
We suspect the reason is, is because this site had many more! 

We do still have concerns about the way stakeholders were consulted! (See below). 
ONLY 100!

3.1 Approximately 100 stakeholders were identified for direct contact,  including Members of Parliament; district, town and parish councils; neighbouring fire authorities and emergency services; local representative bodies; external employer and employee organisations and voluntary bodies. Representations 
were invited by 30 November 2012.

OK As we at FCCL Have already said, 100, in a county the size of West Yorkshire, IS NOT VERY MANY! and only an increase in 20 on last years!

 Click here to see  What we feel consultation with Stakeholders should be all about!

In the article found here , it comments that- 
"THOUSANDS of residents in more than 100 council wards across West Yorkshire will lose out on emergency response times if radical fire service cutbacks are carried out."

 100 council Wards would equal 300 councillors!

3.2 In recognition of the fact that it was not possible to communicate individually with 
all those who may wish to submit observations, the proposals were  also 
publicised via the internet and intranet, the print (See the links here, here and here and broadcast media. 
This year a consultation email account was provided and published to improve ease of 
communication for the public.  In addition, a consultation email account and 
hotline  was established in the  Public Information Office  for people seeking 
further information and assistance on the consultation process and timetable.


The new proposal now suggest that apart from the removal of appliances from some stations, Garforth, Rothwell and Morley, 
             are down graded to Day Crewing!

Day Crewing is a duty system contained within firefighters' national 
terms and conditions, however, any move on to this system is 
voluntary, as it requires staff to live within  5 minutes of the station.  
Firefighters are suitably recompensed with an on-call allowance, 
turnout fees and rent/fuel allowance.  In theory, there are sufficient staff 
living within the 5 minute zone at all stations proposed to change to the 
Day Crewing system but further work is required to establish interest in 
working this duty system.

What this means is that, apart from all the additional costs and implementation problems, (as above) which they haven't mentioned!

On an evening, 
There will be a delay of 5 Minutes before an appliance can attend if there is an incident! 

WYF&RS Say- The response in the evening and at nights from 
Morley would be delayed by up to five minutes compared to its current performance due to firefighters responding from home and therefore, in some cases, the wholetime shift  Hunslet fire engine would respond faster into Morley’s area.

This is actually worse than the original proposals!-

Councillor Robert Finnigan (Morley Independants) has already e mailed us and shown his support!

And NOTHING is mentioned about the time increase in the revised proposals for!

Back in 2004 WYF&RS tried to downgrade Garforth to Day Crewing (see link here) (and here)
This is what happened then!
Article can be found here!

Victory for Public Opinion!

We at FCCL feel that these new proposals are once again subject to further public consultation and urge every one concerned to immediately contact their  
Local Councillor 
to demand that this now takes place,



Joe O'Keeffe said...

If we listened to the MP for the Calder Valley speaking on Radio Leeds this morning (17/12) we can see why it is dangerous to allow politicians to arrange fire cover.

Craig Whitaker MP stated "people don't have chip pans anymore" he also said "lots of people don't smoke in their homes"

His best comment though "if the fire is going to be around the physical Fire Station and that NEVER happens"

So The Right Honourable Mr Whitaker must be something of an expert; he must have been in lots and lots of houses that have nicotine stained walls because lots of people still smoke in their houses. Lots of those people elderly and housebound because care home places are limited.

He must have been to lots of Asian homes where traditional cooking methods still involve using a very large pan of deep oil for frying.(a chip pan by any other name) This is a community that according to the last census is growing.

And only a few months ago he must be aware that a "persons reported" house fire in Keighley occurred just across the road from the Fire Station and was attended by three fire engines.

This incident is important in light of these cuts; one of the Keighley appliances was in Odsal fitting smoke alarms to facilitate the eradication of suitable fire cover in that area. As a result the first appliance was in attendance for 11 minutes before backup arrived. The 3rd appliance to attend took 23 minutes.

This is indicative of what will happen if the proposed cuts are implemented.

The Fire Authority must reject the cuts, they have to take this matter back to central government for a financial solution. They should listen to those who know what they are talking about......

........That Craig Whitaker is certainly NOT YOU (to quote a line Nadine Dorries is fond of) and let's hope that at the next election the people of the Calder Valley get you out of there.

Anonymous said...

how many people are in this coven - one ? Most of these comments look like one person has written them - stop attacking the wrong people miss covell and start campaigning against the politicians really responsible for these savage spending cuts - stop attacking people who have devoted their lives to saving others for low pay compared to private sector managers with comparable responsibilities

Sarah Covell said...

Sorry you are wrong , this site is co-ordinated by me but is contributed to by many people. And i dont lie - i can tell you where every comment came from. This site uses google analytics to monitor its traffic which in layman terms mean it collects the IP addresses of every computer that logs on. I work in informatics ........... i manage information for a living. Its a success cos many people have worked very hard indeed. We have made many friends, some enemies but what the hell. We have changed things and shown that people power works, my politicians work for ME. I just make they work instead of ticking boxes and doing naff all.

Sarah Covell said...

And COVEN is a completely different animal. COVEN has much more success under its belt that FCCL has. Get your blogs in order.