Thursday, June 26, 2014

Come on Dave the suspense is killing me

If you have ever wondered what Assistant Chief Fire Officers do as a hobby, apart from play with trains, rifle through handbags  and play bagpipes; we can now reveal that ACO Dave Walton takes pictures of fire hydrants that look like pineapples.

This is he assures us the first in an occasional series,
we wait Dave with bated breath, is the best yet to come?

If of course any of our followers see any pineapply hydrants why not take a piccie and  send it to Dave - we are confident he will be chuffed to bits.

But whilst we are on the topic of photos, here is one that is much more serious.

We've been sent this by an occupier in a block of flats who was concerned about the response they received to a fire in their building during the ongoing strike action. This is what happens when the incompetent officers who break the strike leave equipment behind, meaning the whole building was susceptible to smoke logging and  fire spread which will block everyone's escape.

The RTC wedge was left in the fire door for over 26 hours before being removed!

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