Friday, October 12, 2012

Open Letter To Station Commander Kirk

It seems that many people are getting the blame for and being implicated in the listing application that i submitted for Gipton Fire Station. 

I have written an open letter to Station Commander Nigel Kirk to clarify what really happened and in part explain  why i did what i did. 

The Letter is available HERE  

Yours in Unity

Ps - we have updated the Public meetings page too regarding Haworth.

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Anonymous said...

1 in 5 jobs to go Sarah. Do you really think he is going to stop being angry, feigning anger and Nige gets to keep a job when all around lose theirs. I admire your immensley and what you are trying to do, but any white shirted officer of the fire service wont put their neck on the line for you. Tony might but he is the only one with any guts.