Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What would you not leave the house without?

Assuming you are well off enough to have house contents insurance, so you would be confident  in receiving compensation for your loss of such items as your computer, television, clothes  etc – what would you not leave a burning building without?

Those irreplaceable items such as old photos, first lock of babies hair, a treasured picture or maybe even a pet.  A quick poll of the FCCL office has come up with the following list of must take items:-

  • Handbag  (apparently the entire universe is held within said item )
  • A portrait of my son painted by my brother
  • The rabbit (various pets have been mentioned)
  • Family tree charts
  • Spouses Ashes

Now although we are aware of the fire and rescue service coming to the assistance of animals in distress, for example  in Vesper Road, Leeds on the 14th October a hawk was rescued from a tree and on  7th October a horse in Bradford was freed when it got its leg stuck in a gap in a bridge nothing quite beats the story of Bibi Bunny a beautiful French lop who lives in Beaulieu, Hampshire. 

Bibis house had a chimney fire, and so Bibi's owners (although Bibi herself prefers the term “pets”)  stuffed the rather  bulky bunny into a cage so she could be safely evacuated should the need arise.

When the firefighters from Beaulieu Station arrived (and one hopes after promptly extinguishing the fire ) they did what all fire fighters do. Stopped long enough  for a cup of tea and cuddled  the rabbit. 


And look who we have got a thank you from  - click here to reveal who !  

Nice to see somebody cares unlike Cllr Lisa Holmes who seems to have a very strange view of the word "consultation" click here to read her letter to FCCL


Anonymous said...

As ever you only appreciate the emergency services when you have had cause to use them.

Yes any living thing comes before 'stuff' which mostly can be replaced.

I hope you win your cause, it is very important to have those emergency services within sensible distance which living in a rural area I am all too aware.

Good luck and as ever you have my full support.

Sarah and Bruno

Bibi said...


Sarah Covell said...

okay Bibi you are a very fluffy bunny.
when I said bulky I meant volume not weight.

The Happy Camper said...

Bibi certainly has volume (and floof!).

Bibi's grandma

Sarah Covell said...

quality and quantity of floof. a winning combination.

it will have taken him ages to get that floof off his tunic

Bibi said...

He wasn't berry pleased when I nommed his lapel...

Sarah Covell said...

Maybe not but thats your moral duty as a rabbit, to chew. (we cant help but wonder how many house buns are "responsible " for electrical fires. Those cables are mighty nommy....