Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Report of Meeting of Howarth Parish Council

Haworth Parish Council Meeting 15-10-12

Just a quick report of the nights proceedings from Jo40. 

First up was the Police who gave a glowing report of the crime detection and reduction in the area and made all present who didn't live within the Haworth boundary most envious.
Next came the local cricket team who were praised for their endeavors.

By this stage the hall was standing room only and the senior officers from WYFRS were introduced and set about there presentation backed up with facts ,figures,and colour coded maps etc
After showing the range of cuts officer 1 indicated that if it wasn't these cuts it would be something else.Staff would be reduced from 1350 to 800.

Next was question time...............

Councillor _questioned the cost of building new stations.
Councillor- questioned what would happen in the event of numerous Moorland fires with multi pump attendance
WYFRS _ Mobilising will task appliances and most now have GPS 

Councillor_questioned the north south divide and the distribution of funding.
Councillor_Where will you get supporting fire cover

WYFRS_Lancashire will be able to help

Councillor_Could the fire station be shared with other agencys to save costs ? genuinely worried that just one pump at Keighley to cover the worth valley not enough.
How had you worked out the case for cuts

WYFRS-_Risk levels and station activity

Councillor_ If Keighley are out when can we expect an appliance?
WYFRS- Illingworth 10/12 mins,Bingley 15 mins,Fairweather Green 15 mins

Public_How easy would it be to re open or re staff Haworth or Keighley if funds became available?
WYFRS_No anticipation of extra funding Howarth site will be sold.

Public_I'm lead to believe some procedures require two pumps
WYFRS-_its the Officer In Charge's call these decisions being made now.

Public-_will the education of school age pupils in fire safety be effected?
WYFRS_ no change anticipated.

Public_How much will the closure of Haworth F/stn save?
David Williams (FBU) _ Quoting ACO Redfearn Would the cuts cost lives?
WYFRS_Aknowledge ACO Redfearns quote and stated that fire deaths were down on previous years.

Public_How long have you got in a smoke filled room before you die ?
WYFRS_The smoke alarm will save you

Public -How long have we got ??

Public_Why cant we have small units /vans we seem to be over resourced 
WYFRS_ Fire Response Units  mentioned

Public _what are your plans for the 5th November 2020?
WYFRS _ Resilience pumps on peak periods.
David Williams _ Smoke alarms do not always save lives, of the number of uk fire deaths a good percentage had working smoke detection.

Public_Concern about the number of hotels and guest houses in the area and tourist from overseas.
Public_ Have you heard anything tonight that may effect your decision ?
WYFRS_we don't make the decision its down to the fire authority but we will be giving our professional view in a report.

JO40 - I've left some bits out but that's all the important bits of a well attended meeting in which the people of Haworth let WYFRS know that they felt let down.

BUT ......................

Before we go, the station cat at Haworth Fire Station noticed a couple of nice motors on Haworth station yard last night,£100,000 the pair unfortunately the occupants had to deploy the last quarter of a mile in the station van to the meeting.

6x nice motors = Haworth pump on run for a year, just a thought, Meow Meow. 

The next public meeting we have been notified of is in Ossett on Monday 22nd October - BUT to date the FBU have NOT been invited !!!!
click HERE  to learn who hasn't invited them.


jo40 said...

Following the Denholme timber yard fire(were two pumps out of the four won't be available) just getting reports from Idle station area job were crews from Shipley and Idle attended.
Aged persons home, aged person drops fag end in bin prior to going to shop for his paper.
Both pumps arived in good time, forced entry,put fire out, positive presure ventilation,MINIMAL DAMAGE
Nothing strange there you might say, but the crews want you to know that once they are reduced to one at canal road its a different story, another 5 minutes on attendance time and you have a fully developed fire

Sarah Covell said...

Question rather than answers,

WYFRS _ Mobilising will task appliances and most now have GPS,

But that doesn't answer the fact that there will still be less appliances available to deal with the incident

WYFRS_Lancashire will be able to help

Assuming a lot!, Lancashire are a small brigade what if they have incidents of their own to deal with!

WYFRS- Illingworth 10/12 mins,Bingley 15 mins,Fairweather Green 15 mins

Any 2 pump incident then! That will put undue pressure on the first appliances' crew therefore increased risk!

WYFRS-_its the Officer In Charge's call these decisions being made now.
WHAT! talk about "passing the book" see above. Thats the sort of answer the CFO will use when it all goes "pear shaped" Sorry but it wasn't me it was the Fire Authority!!!

Public-_will the education of school age pupils in fire safety be effected?
WYFRS_ no change anticipated
OK so less Ff's, Less Appliances, growing population more HFSC's I think they are living in dreamland!!!

1 ACO (+) Car!!! sorted.

WYFRS_The smoke alarm will save you

Unfortunately it didn't Save Mr Brear in Bradford last month!!!

jo40 said...

Bradford Incident, disused warehouse,
Valley Road, Bradford.
Bradford,Odsal,Idle,2x Fairweather Green all in attendance.
Of the pumps that dealt with the initial fire two are to go.
The watching brief 22.00 till daylight involved FWG pump also earmarked for the chop.
Standby Bradford also carried out by FWG, how will we manage once all the pumps go??