Monday, October 22, 2012

Simon - Tell the Truth !!!!!!!!

Sometimes it is best to tell the TRUTH and it seems that ED BALLS MP agrees with us. After  a recent meeting with  the Fire Brigades Union, David Williams said ......

"it went, really really well today....he seems to be up for the fight but was a little concerned about the attitude of the chief and how easily it was for the chief to say he can manage the cuts yet when he spoke to the chief constable of West Yorks he said he couldn't manage the cuts....."

We too are concerned about CFO Pillings attitude. Last years Integrated Risk Management Plan  decided on this 


NOW IN 2012  he proposes

A growing band of people 

seem to think ............that Simon simply doesn't grasp the enormity of what he is proposing. 
A member of the FCCL team met one of his  operational colleagues last week and this is what was said.

" he said to me that they (the Firefighters at Gipton and Stanks) wouldn't mind so much if the chief was honest, put his hands up, and said "Hey, we've got no money so I need to make cuts, instead of trying to convince us that these new "Superstations" would be better for all. We are so used to managements lies and bullshit, that we just don't believe them, and from a professional point of view  we know its wrong!"

So come on Simon,  come out of your Ivory Tower and face the public ..................  we know you have a softer side.

And don't forget the March and Rally, 
Saturday November 3rd, 12.30pm outside Leeds Art Gallery. 



Anonymous said...

Was the fire fighter in Asda buying cat food for your growing band of station cats ?

Sarah Covell said...

Actually i am lead to believe it was Tescos (at Seacroft) And dont forget seacroft had an increase last year of 18% in house fires.

Anonymous said...

simon pilling lies and will continue to if he is left un checked. The authority should challenge him and call him to account