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2 Days - 2 Fires - 2 Deaths

It is with great sadness we  have to report that in the last two days we have read of  two fire fatalities in Leeds,  West Yorkshire. 

The first was in Bawn Vale  in Farnley where fire fighters found the body of an elderly man at 3.30am  on March 5th.  The fire was so severe that neighbours have had to be evacuated as the  building is structurally unsafe. Bawn Vales postcode reveals to us that it was in an area designated "High Risk"  by WYFRS. 

More details of the incident can be found  here  on the BBC news website 

Bawn Vale _Courtesy of the Yorkshire Post 

The next fire was also in Leeds, Harehills to be precise. Again an elderly person was the victim, who sadly died after being rescued by fire crews.  Brownhill Crescent is currently designated a "Very High Risk" area and was a back to back house (a subject on which we blogged many moons ago - see here  for details) 

Brownhill Crescent _ Courtesy of the Yorkshire Evening Post 
A firefighter who attended the scene told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “Once the fire was brought under control, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building and located a female and brought her out. She was unconscious and was taken to hospital.”

Please note it was a qualified and experienced  firefighter who rescued the lady concerned

 NOT a smoke alarm!!!!  

Both as FCCL and COVEN  we have repeatedly told of our concerns regarding the closure of Gipton Fire Station as the areas of Very High Risk are  closer to it than the proposed new "superstation" at Killingbeck. 

We are now hearing of ways and means that may allow WYFRS to legitimately increase response times across all West Yorkshires Very High Risk Areas and we will shortly  reveal  these to the public, but until noon Friday our lips are sealed. 

Will you be shocked - YES 

Will you be disgusted - YES 

Ironically  the Harehills fatality was in the Burmantofts &  Richmond Hill Ward  of Cllr Ron Grahame, who in  2011 voted to close Gipton and Stanks fire stations.  We wonder how you are feeling now Ron, because  you can be guaranteed fires in your ward will eventually go up, smoke and mirrors can only last for so long.

As ACO Martyn Redfearn said to the select committee - people will die because of these cuts in service. The post  is available HERE

Poverty is rising, the population is ageing - both of these increase the risk of fire. It has not gone un noticed by FCCL that   both of these fatalities were elderly people living in socially disadvantaged areas of the city. 

When FCCL first  set up, and was less than 24 hours old we were phoned by Hannah Stoneman of WYFRS who tried to tell us that the death of  James Whitburn of Chapeltown was "nothing to do with the IRMP"  So we can only assume that were we to ask them WYFRS would say exactly the same about the two fires above. 


Anonymous said...

The Beeston fire you posted was an old lady too. The elderly are much more vulnerable in a fire situation.Its going to happen more and more, especially with the bedroom tax and universal credit coming soon. Poor elderly people die in fires, its a sad but true fact.

M E Metheringham said...

You should all have got behind "38 Degrees" protesters & signed the petition to STOP these cuts!!

38 Degrees is a protest group whose members are all ordinary members of the public who are getting known for shouting loud when it is necessary to do so & getting results. LOOK them up.

M E Metheringham said...

READ THIS about the "38 Degrees" petition: THEN sign it.
Our fire service is a precious emergency service that we all depend on for our lives and our safety. Between 2011 and 2012, English firefighters attended 606,000 incidents. If the government is allowed to sell the fire service off to private companies, then the essence of our fire service, a service for all of us whenever we need it, might be lost forever.

Private companies have been circling the fire service for years. They recognise that money can be made and they want to piggyback off a service the public holds dear.

The government can’t afford another big battle over privatisation. It’ll know that 38 Degrees members were responsible for stopping the sell-off of our forests and making sure the NHS changes were as controversial as possible.

So let’s make sure they know they’re up against us again. Sign the petition to stop privatisation of our fire service now.

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Sarah Covell said...

Thank you for the information - the post where we promoted the 38 degrees information is directly below this one

Anonymous said...

Sarah, WYFRS dont care about old people in socially deprived areas, they are expendable and get nothing less than they deserve. Same goes for socially disadvantaged drunks who burn there house down when they cook chips and then fall asleep. Its a blame culture - CFO Pilling blames somebody else for the fire and absolves himself of responsibility. Gipton closing will be a huge blow to east leeds, you are right people will die and labour councillors who voted all this through will blame the "tory cuts" You know better and so do many others but sadly Pilling wouldnt swallow his pride and keep Gipton open now - he hates you and would cut off his nose to spite his face accordingly.

Chris - Burmantofts Resident and one time labour voter