Thursday, March 28, 2013

Labour Party to the Rescue (well in Bradford)

Lets face it folks it not often we give a round of applause 


BUT TODAY we are making an exception.........................

We have decided to give 

Bradford Metropolitan District Council 

our very first 

"Pat On the Back Award "  

for doing something right in regard to fire and rescue in West Yorkshire.  

Our first award - will Leeds be next we wonder ? 

The transcript in full is as follows

The Council notes the Government’s plans to privatise Fire Services by the back door.
This Council believes that essential emergency services such as the Fire Service should be concerned with protecting the public and not with the pursuit of profit. 
We believe that the privatisation of fire services would put lives at risk and undermine the principle of a service for all people whenever they need it.
The Council therefore resolves to:

1) Oppose the Government’s proposals for the back door privatisation of fire services.
2) Write to Brandon Lewis MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Communities and Local Government and to the Chair of the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee making clear its opposition to Fire Service privatisation and its concerns about the impact that such a move would have on the safety and security of the residents and businesses of Bradford District.
3) Call on the District’s MPs to oppose the privatisation of fire services.
4) Call on the other West Yorkshire Authorities to take similar action to protect the County’s fire services from privatisation.

The full BMDC decision list from the meeting of the 26th March 2013 is available here

And please don't forget

 But before we sign off for the evening - remember  the clocks go forward on Sunday - the perfect time to  test your smoke alarms, see here  on the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue website for advice on home fire safety. 

Rather ironically we note on the page link listed above it says 

In West Yorkshire, 29% of smoke alarms fail to operate, mostly because of missing or flat batteries.  Test the batteries in your smoke alarm every week, it could save your life!

Well actually WYFRS  - YES WE DID   - which is why FCCL will continue to campaign against cuts in provision to the fire and rescue service. 

Fire cuts really will cost lives! 

So if your smoke alarm doesn't go BEEP BEEP BEEP when you  test it on Sunday  (before stuffing your face with chocolate) 

And if your smoke alarm was provided by WYFRS in the first place and the battery has failed please drop us a line to let us know. Our email address is available here

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