Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morley ... round two commences

Fire engines are RED ....

Appliance lights BLUE

They want  to turn Morley to day only crew

But it's here in a paper

It's in Black and White

It works only for low risk

So try as they might

It wont cut the cost

And response times will  rise

So Simon and Co  wipe the dust from  your eyes

The fight it’s not over , the battle not won

Because Mps and Councillors  are acting as one

Its wrong to tweak figures

And wrong now to lie

So read  this appendix  - we will tell you why .

We are pleased to report that both Robert Finnegan (Morley Independents )  and Ed Balls (Labour ) agree that changing Morley to day crewing is irresponsible. So a new campaign to save Morley has been started. 

Morley Independents blog can be read   HERE

We have also blogged about  response times and funding implications before here at So whats new !

The Fire Futures Funding Report is available in full here from the Local Government association website. 

Strangely enough the LGA  chair for the Safer and Stronger Communities Board is Mehboob Khan who is also the Chair of the West Yorkshire Fire Authority - we at FCCL think it strange his documents for one association say one thing and something different for another, we can only assume it depends on who is paying him! 

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