Monday, March 25, 2013

These fires are messing our figures up

We at FCCL have known since starting this blog that 
West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have always been 
economical with 


And we at FCCL are also very fond of Friedrich Nietzsche. So the quote below covers how we feel when we hear of WYFRS yet again not giving the full story on their incident log, well actually not giving any story on their incident log........ so to quote Fred yet again 

" I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you"   

So tonight we are going to tell you of two fires in Keighley that NEVER MADE  the WYFRS incident log.  

But first we need to explain about Keighley .........

On December 21st 2012 the West Yorkshire Fire Authority made the decision to reduce Keighley Fire Station from two pumps to one. The consultation document issued by WYFRS in regard to response times said 

"The time it takes for a fire engine to get to a fire is an extremely important part of the overall ambition of “Making West Yorkshire Safer”, so it is vital that, with limited resources, fire engines are located in the best places where fires are most likely to occur."

Keighley is made up of three areas - 
Central -  Very High Risk 
East - High Risk 
West - Low Risk 

So many people, firefighters included were gobsmacked when Simon Pilling & Co announced that the second pump at Keighley was to be removed with much haste and no thought  at the end of February 2012.  

Since then we  have had several reports of WYFRS struggling to make pumps three when a house fire with persons reported is logged in the Keighley area. 

Lets take a look at  two  recent examples  

On Wednesday 20th March there was a house fire in Belgrave Road in Central Keighley, 
(a very high risk area)

As we have explained before a house fire with persons reported requires the attendance of THREE pumps. Keighley duly turned out, followed by Silsden.  The third pump should have come from either Keighley or Silsden but both have had them removed by WYFRS. 

The third pump had to come all the way from Shipley  (which is also due to close soon!)  

Using the RAC routefinder  Shipley Fire Station   to Belgrave Road is 6.96 miles and takes 17 minutes, so even if you half it to  8.5 minutes for being able to put your foot down and blue light it all the way,  it is still  4.42 minutes over the current predicted response time for Keighley Central.

And not two days later the second fire with persons reported was in Branby Avenue (Keighley East - a high risk area)

Not just one person this time but an entire family who required oxygen therapy at the scene of the fire. This fire was attended by Keighley and BIngley.   It was more than good luck got the family out,,,,,, the dishwasher  ignited (we assume an electrical fault) and  caused the fuse box to trip the main switch. This set the burglar alarm off which woke the occupants of the house. As the kitchen door was shut the smoke alarm did not sound until the kitchen door was opened. This family have had a very lucky escape. 

And not a fire but a road traffic accident in Keighley on the 20th March  - sadly  two people died  and one was cut free by Keighley crews - no mention of this either on the incident log. 



WHY ? 

well we have it on good authority senior staff at Keighley have said 

And there is only one response to that 

 We at FCCL think with a little help from our friends we will learn of more invisible incidents that never make the public logs. You would think that WYFRS would be proud to demonstrate what they do, instead of hiding brave men and womens deeds because it messes up their highly manipulated figures. 


Anonymous said...

And at the end of April Pilling intends to announce West Yorks will have no more very high risk areas!

Keep blogging sweetheart you have more balls than Pilling any day.

Sarah Covell said...

Thanks - yes we have heard that too, i wonder if he will make a chest thumping announcement saying how wonderful they are to have achieved this or it will be slipped through by the back door.

If anybody can provide me with evidence this is going to happen (late April i am lead to believe) i would be very interested.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you are going to continue to quote Nietzsche, you should quote him correctly. He wrote in Beyond Good and Evil (1886):
Aphorism number 183
“Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you has shaken me.”
You have used a quote by Barrett, Wheatley and Townsend (2007),’50 DOs for Everyday Leadership: Practical Lessons Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To)’

Anonymous said...

It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right - especially when one is right

Anonymous said...

Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

Anonymous said...

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Sarah Covell said...

We are the women who know all issues are ours,
Who will reinvent our wisdom and reclaim everything, including power. We are the women who will change the world.

I cant remember it all and think i have missed out a big chunk, but heyho the sentiments there!

Sarah xxx