Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragons and Dishwashers !

 A few weeks ago we posted about an incident in Keighley where a dishwasher had caused a fire in a kitchen and a family had a very lucky escape when the burglar alarm activated. You can read the entire article here. We obviously don't know if it was a Hotpoint model  but what we do know is that WYFRS did not log  it on their incident log, perhaps they didn't think it worthy of their  valuable time!  

And some people in WYFRS have very valuable time indeed - click here    to discover how much the Chief Fire Officer earns, and make sure you have a packet of hankies to wipe the tears from your eyes when they water! 

So today when the press is awash with news about potential fire hazards in regard to dishwashers you would think they might put a little something on their website - check your model of dishwasher or something (especially as they had  a demonstrable incident caused by one recently) 

But NO -

So if you want a job doing - do it yourself 

Below is a link to 

on which you can search for  electrical  items that have been recalled by the manufacturer. 

There is more about the dodgy dishwashers 

Other Fire and Rescue Services are tweeting, blogging and facebooking about incidents EVERYDAY

We do not understand why WYFRS  continues to  have such a blatant disregard for transparency! 

And remember - what West Yorkshire say when incidents occur   

Well if they don't start improving their warning notices

 - they will most likely be messed up 


And before we go as a token gesture to 
St Georges Day, we have been having a heated debate in the FCCL office. 

If and when a fire breathing dragon enters the office, should you extinguish its "breath" with   

a)   CO2 fire extinguisher
b)   Dry Powder extinguisher
c)    Wet Foam extinguisher
d)   Water CO2 extinguisher
e)   Wait till it triggers the sprinklers 
f)   Approach with caution and smother it with 
      a fire blanket
g)   Offer it an extra strong mint..... 

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Anonymous said...

it would have to be a bloody big fire blanket !!!!!

Personally - sprinklers IF they were available.