Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's time to share the fact that we have....................

got a Twitter account

We have had the account for ages but up to now haven't really had the time to  utilise its functionality to maximum effect.
BUT thanks to a very generous offer from Eamonn, we at FCCL are learning how to tweet like a canary!

You can find it HERE

Cheers Eamonn!  we really appreciated your kind offer of help

And perhaps before WYFRS engage in a witch hunt to  find  Eamonn, and point out the error of his ways and how it may impede his career development plans it might be a kindness to explain  ...

Eamonn  doesn't  work for WYFRS in any capacity 
(or isnt a retired early fire fighter to be called in either)

Our latest facebook  entry got over 1,300 views in less than 12 hours and Twitter is said to be quicker and more responsive, we look forward to giving it a go.  

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Sarah Covell said...

and our first retweet is

@itvnews say 1,000,000 recalled dangerous white goods remain in use causing serious fire risk in homes @CFOAfire Andy Reynolds @LondonFire