Friday, April 26, 2013

Yet Another Death In Leeds (in a high risk area)

Today FireCutCostsLives  had every intention of posting a humorous blog called 101 Dalmations , with a picture of  a man shouting down the phone 

" I said 101 Blogs Sarah, Not 101 Dogs"  

because this posting is our 101st item on the site. It was to be a celebration of what we have achieved, who we have annoyed and a general round up of stuff. 

But it is with a sad heart we have to report 
that there has been a death overnight in Cottingley, Leeds. 

A 65 year old man died in a sheltered housing complex in Dulverton Court - which is deemed  a VERY HIGH RISK AREA according to the WYFRS risk log. You can find a short report on the incident here in the Yorkshire Evening Post. 

Dulverton Court is owned by  Aire Valley Homes an arms length body of Leeds City Council. 

BUT we do know a little more than they report - the incident was an AFA  - actuated fire alarm. There is the possibility that somebody raised the alarm  but a more likely scenario is that the alarm was triggered automatically  by a combination of heat and smoke  within the property. And of course Morley Fire Station attended, which will shortly be day crewed so their response times will increase after 7pm by FIVE MINUTES   - we wrote about this issue in December 

It raises questions such as was there a residential warden on site, were the correct detector heads in  the correct location and was the man capable of escaping? 

Rather ironically today is FirePlan Friday  But the above are conversations for after the fire investigation and coroners reports. 

We offer our sincere condolences to the gentleman's family. 

Our blog has been scattered with tragic events such as this. 

Our second ever post was about a man in Chapeltown who had died in a fire so fierce it burnt through to the shop below.  Less than 24 hours into FCCLs life  we posted this 

I shall never forget that day as Hannah Stoneman, Communications Officer at WYFRS rang me to protest that the article had "nothing to do with the IRMP "  - it was  in my opinion a blatant act of threatening  to try and SHUT ME UP.

Hannah was so keen to try and keep me  quiet  she actually told me  about the incident - prior to accident and investigation report and  most certainly before the coroners verdict on the death was given. 

We complained to WYFRS and they refuted the claim  that she had done anything wrong -  but we also know that a very large fib was told to FCCL to try and back track on what she had told  me.  

BUT  we are still here - and she has gone!

and hope we can celebrate our next significant milestone with  better news. A resignation might be nice!

Yours in Unity 



Anonymous said...

Sadly Sarah i believe you, i have said it more than once, you are doing a great job. Keep giving them hell

Anonymous said...

Having had sight of your letter of complaint did you ever get an answer to who authorised her to ring and reveal what happened to you in the first place ?

Sarah Covell said...

No, they didnt even have the decency to answer that, but i have my suspicions. Probably the same person who told the porky. Thats one email i wont be deleting in a rush.