Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its FBU's to Us.

We have  said if we had even a small fire we would prefer 

And when it comes to telling the truth about response times and incidents  we prefer 

Which is why  we support the Fire Brigades Union in the sterling work they do in regard to the Anti Cuts Agenda all over  the country, even though we concentrate our efforts in the West Yorkshire Region.   

Remember,  the Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling was proven by 
his own data we FOI'd  to have never attended an incident in 2011 /12! 

We wrote about  it way back in December 2012  here   

We cant help but wonder if any members of the FBU who are operational can say that  they never attended an incident in an entire year (whilst getting a tax free fancy car ! )

Occasionally  we have felt like packing in and giving up, but we haven't; opposing  cuts in provision is on occasions like being a goldfish that is repeatedly thrown into a tank of piranhas.   

And WHY ?

Simple - because the FBU is 

Choose Life - choose an experienced fire fighters word and their operational experience over a spreadsheet jockeys word EVERY TIME 

To contact the FBU - please see our page 


Anonymous said...

Love It !

Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head, good luck with the campaign

Anonymous said...

You are a fine one to talk, you are a business manager in the NHS, a spreadsheet jockey. It takes one to know one.

Sarah Covell said...

Ha hathat is so true!

Stats can say whatever you want them to say, but raw data taken at face value inevitably reveals the truth.

Which is what we do at Fccl. Take fire deaths for example, diluted as deaths per 100,000 the %age increase per death is tiny. But look at it per ward things are very different. As wyfrs have now started to use ward data when it suits them it will be an interesting one to watch.