Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fire Plan Friday = Brilliant

One of our first tweeting lessons  was how to "follow" people. 
And in following Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, 
and learning how to re-tweet  we discovered this 

and its so good we decided we needed to blog it on 
a Thursday evening 
so you are all ready tomorrow to create a fire plan for your home.
 It is a website designed by 

 in Hertfordshire 

And to be honest you don't need to know anymore from us......... because it is BRILLIANT! 

Click here   get the information you need to keep your home and family safe. 

Its not often we suggest you should look at someone elses website but just click and go away, tonight you need to read THIS site from start to finish. 

Fire Plan Fridays stat counter is currently at 935, I would love to see it much much higher tomorrow, Red Watch Watford deserve nothing less. 

11/10 Red Watch  from FCCL 

And don't forget if you live in West Yorkshire you can have a free 

home fire safety check from 

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue by clicking here 

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