Friday, April 19, 2013

Page 3 - Important Information

After blogging two days ago about tits and getting a massive response I think it is safe to say that a lot of our readers will probably agree that page 3's  can  contain important information. So here is another one..............  

Page 3 to be precise of the 
Halifax Courier

Courtesy of Halifax Courier 

Although as usual page 1 was much more informative 

Courtesy of Halifax Courier 

The silver Rover 25 ignited (accident or foul play we don't know), rolled forward as consequence  and trapped an elderly couple in their flat.  

The fire took 45 minutes to extinguish 
( we are assuming because the petrol tank ruptured ) 

We understand that the average car fire takes approximately 15 minutes to extinguish, 

so this was quite a blaze ! 

But yet again not a word on the incident log of WYFRS. 

Fire Response Unit  -    picture courtesy of the 33A bus 
We also have  heard of a car fire in Bradford that was attended by the 
Fire Response Unit from Fairweather Green 


the fire had spread to a kitchen window so a proper engine had to intervene (speedily we hope !) 

Strangely enough we wrote a post about FRUs a few months ago which included the lines 

Once Simon took his FRU
To Moortown. long ago
I spoke to people crewing it
They told me  tales of woe
“It cannot put out car fires”
“This red vans such a farce”
So Simon take your FRU
And drive it up your.

you can find the whole poem here

So the moral of the tale is probably 

Therefore finally we deduce  you are much better with one of 

Courtesy of Sam Hirst 

these attending a small fire and having a significantly improved chance of less fire spread and consequential  damage 

Courtesy of the 33A bus

than one of these.

FRU's as spoken of by WYFRS
consist of


symbole-0409.gif from


Anonymous said...

Well if i parked a van like that there would be trouble.

Anonymous said...

Fire service drivers ain't wot they used to be !!

Paul said...

Do WYFRS ever mention fru activity on their incident lists?