Monday, April 01, 2013

Simon Pilling - Resigned

We are hearing rumours of  the resignation of 

Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling 

And as Simon knows to his cost we here at FCCL have our ears close to the ground 
(and noses to the grindstone even on a bank holiday Monday). 

And we never knowingly blog an untruth, so  once we can confirm it we will update this page. 

His close colleague Sir Norman has decided to throw in the towel, maybe simple* Mr Pilling has had enough too ( we wouldn't blame him to be honest) 

When we refer to simple we mean he hasn't got a knighthood, it is absolutely no reference to this  at all, we promise


Anonymous said...

Wishfull thinking ???

Anonymous said...

Why are you so nasty to Simon all the time , he works hard to best protect the public within ever decreasing resources and he has at least two masters degrees so he is also quite intelligent unlike that really nasty chap who used to run Bradford when it still had prospects - be nice for a change