Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Councillor contempt!

As our caption competition was a complete FLOP  (not one person entered ) we now have a "Hot Dates" calendar we do not know what to do with.  Some at FCCL are screaming political correctness - some aren't. - Boss Hooch is moaning about equal opportunities - WYFRS do employ female fire fighters, so why arent there any of them draped round a pole topless. Sarah reckons it's deameaning, citing that if you were to be rescued from a fire you would not give a hoot what the fire fighter looked like.  
Anyway we paid our fiver for it,  which is for a very noble cause

The Fire Fighters Charity

so nothing has been lost and the calendar has been consigned to a drawer. 

So our competition is  no longer valid 
can you guess which of our  62 posts has been read the most
shared to date?

This oneavailable here  in  which we discussed Protected Disclosure and Whistle Blowing! 

It beat second placed  Employee Consultation, available here  
by a WHOPPING 44%.

As we can now measure our success in THOUSANDS  we can only hope that our post pricks someones conscience and a whistle is blown loud and clearly.


its not quite whistle blowing BUT it is extremely annoying.

We at


have, on a regular basis, contacted the 
Councillors, who make up the Fire Authority of WYF&RS, 
to make them aware of the contentious issues that have arisen in regard to plans that they will soon have to make a decision upon ,

on your behalf!

 Unfortunately we have to report that certain elected officials have shown contempt toward their electorate - by deleting the messages we sent them, without having the respect to even open the emails and view the contents.

One of those is:-

Councillor Gill Thornton
(you can E mail her here)!

Courtesy of Keighley News 

Labour Group - Bradford District
Chair Human Resources Committee

Member of Finance and Resources Committee
Bradford District Community Safety Lead Representative

 The message that we sent to her was deleted 
"without being read on Mon, 19 Nov 2012 15:49:20" 

So a message to all those who voted for her is - 
and do not vote for her again!

Cllr Thornton receives in excess of seven thousand pounds a  year for her duties as a fire authority councillor - comprising of

£3,411 basic allowance
£3,764 special responsibility allowance 
(chair HR committee)

BUT........there is one councillor in the FCCL good books - Cllr Mark Dobson - Labour - Garforth ward,  Leeds has waded into the debate and sent a letter available to read HERE  to CFO Pilling. We do hope he keeps to his word - we remember last year when local Leeds MP Hilary Benn wrote opposing the cuts and then retracted it via phone after being called by CFO Pilling. We watch and await developments with interest............


Anonymous said...

Well it just demonstrates that these so called elected representatives are mere puppets.

Joe O'Keeffe said...

I sent a personal email to 9 district and 30 town councillors. I received a total of 8 replies.

However, every reply was very supportive, with all those replying being against the cuts. So a big thank you to all of them.

Hopefully all elected representatives can do their best to influence all those on the Fire Authority

Bosshooch said...

Joe, can you send us copies? We will post on the blog, Cheers