Monday, November 19, 2012

What a cheek! - Money for old rope

So it appears that West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service have 

 "been encouraged by the level of interest shown during the 

consultation period, which began in September." 

According to today's Yorkshire Evening Post! - Click Link!

It has become clear to us at FCCL

that the last thing WYF&RS want is "Consultation"

Where were all the regular media advertisements,  
The Public meetings - in all the effected areas 
The consultation with Stakeholders?

We here at FCCL are considering sending WYF&RS a rather large "Bill" for the time and effort we have put in notifying the Public of West Yorkshire about the decimation of their Fire Service.
Something that the WYF&RS PR Dept.  
Clearly haven't done!

Why is Hannah Stoneman being paid?
After all she is the leader of:-

Corporate Communications

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue's Corporate Communications team provides a comprehensive range of services across the following:
public and media relations
marketing and internal communications
digital and visual media

Money for old rope!


Joe O'Keeffe said...

As we near the end of this so called "consultation", we cannot lose sight of those who are responsible for these life threatening cuts.

The Chief Fire Officer is given a budget, it is his job to do the best he can with the money provided. If "efficiency savings" are a part of his job description, then he is contractually obliged to make cuts.

The Fire Authority; have they collectively got the expertise to decide where appliances need to be stationed? Have they been to a house fire and wondered when the second pump will arrive? Can they make a decision based on misleading statistics and attendance times?

The answer to all these question....NO

These cuts are being driven by a Government who have passed the buck, they have passed it to Chief Fire Officers and local councillors.

In David Cameron's post riots speech on August 15th 2011 he said;

"nothing in this job is more important to me than keeping people safe"

He said the riots were caused by behaviour;

"people showing indifference to right and wrong"

"irresponsibility.Selfishness, behaving as if your choices have no consequences"

When talking of the respect for community he said;

"We need a sense of social responsibility at the heart of every community.
Yet the truth is that for too long the big bossy bureaucratic state has drained it away"

"And it's denied local people any real kind of say over what goes on where they live".

So Mr Cameron you want to keep us safe; you know right from wrong; you are aware of the consequences of your actions; you have a sense of social responsibility.

On top of this you want local people to have a real say in what happens in their local area.

In that case do not cut the Fire Service to a level where we are no longer safe.

If these cuts are forced upon us, let's then start a new campaign, for every council tax payer in West Yorkshire to withhold their payments until the cuts are reversed.

There is great power in UNITY

Bosshooch said...

Joe, great sentiments, I'm sure the FBU have been pushing this. But as far as West Yorkshire goes, We must make sure that the decision makers see the errors in these proposals locally. There must be cuts of some sort eventually, but where they come from is the issue, It always appears that front lines are the first to be hit, whereas we believe they should be the last. Once Senior Management has been stripped to the bone, then look elsewhere. And the elected officials and senior officers should put pressure on Central Gov't and tell the truth, not waffle, as Martyn Redfearn did in the sub committee hearing.