Monday, November 05, 2012

The countdown begins ....................

We are into the final trimester of the consultation period regarding the proposed cuts in funding of West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

I think it is fair to say that we at FCCL  grossly under estimated the power of social media when we commenced this campaign but fortunately for us  it has brought a diverse set of people together for a common aim.
 And for starters lets remember why we are doing this - the increase in response times is a major concern for FCCL. In less than THREE MINUTES this can happen.......


Which is why hundred of firefighters, family and friends turned out on Saturday in support of the Fire Brigades Union 
to say


TO send YOUR VIEWS on the proposed cuts in West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Provision Click
HERE  to view the consultation documents.
You can also send your comments via snail mail to 
Hannah Stoneman   or email her HERE
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
Oakroyd Hall
Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
BD11 2DY

Firefighters at the Rally on Saturday 3rd November 2012

Many local politicians came along - many labour strangely enough and at least one member of the Fire Authority was spotted - Cllr Ron Grahame who voted through the closure of 10 fire stations last year.

So it will be interesting to see if these politicians  will be in a position to lobby labour authority members to prevent these viscous cuts in fire provision on December 21st 2012. 

When we are in a position to tell you all about the recent increase in jobs at Fire HQ i can promise you your jaw will drop in disbelief!  

But for now at least one  MP is doing his bit - Respects George Galloway has requested an early day motion  in Parliament to discuss fire and rescue funding. We watch and wait with  interest..........

659 FIRE SERVICE CUTS 31:10:12
Signed by 1 MPs
Mr George Galloway

That this House believes that the cuts to the fire service will put lives at risk; notes that metropolitan brigades receive a disproportionate reduction in grant compared to other parts of the country and that these brigades have had to make percentage cuts double the national average; further notes that West Yorkshire Fire Service has seen its grant reduced by £5.9 million; further notes that the West Yorkshire service has the lowest expenditure per head of population and the lowest grant of all metropolitan brigades; and urges the Government to reconsider its position on funding fire and rescue services.

Galloway, George Respect Bradford West 31.10.2012


Anonymous said...

it was a good day on saturday peole were actually clapping as we marched through the streets, i was proud to be there

Sarah Covell said...

Yes I saw that as well, it was a well organised event, but my granddaughter is refusing to be parted from her fbu flag and vuvuzela, much to her mums consternation!

We have also had complaints from other parents...........start them young is what FCCL say!

Anonymous said...

You are right, social media is the way to go and make no mistake your efforts are making a difference, management are not used to being challenged. You and the fire fighters are correct a smoke alarm is not a subsitute for decent response times and resources, all we can do is pray that the fire authority listen to you not Simon. I wish you well Sarah because he will not play fair or nicely!

Sarah Covell said...

Yes sadly we are aware of "issues" and a few people have had the courage to tell us what has happened. Apparently WYFRS reissued their social media policy a few days ago -a coincidence or what? However we are advising anybody to contact their union rep if they have a problem and sadly we at FCCL have engaged the services of a solicitor should we need them. Whatever happened to free speech we cant help but wonder.

Joe O'Keeffe said...

Free speech??

All your speeches are free Sarah as are mine...However some people get £150,000 per year for making their speeches and that is enough for the paymaster to write the speech.

Sarah Covell said...

I think my speeches come from my heart and are tempered by my head, and the tune doesn't change regardless of which way the political winds blow. After all, all i have to lose is my life and having lost one friend in a fire i don't want to put my family thorough that stress.EVER.

Joe O'Keeffe said...

That needs to be posted as a new post. Well said

Sarah Covell said...

Perhaps it does but its not my back i have to watch, its the guys at the "coal face" earning £28k a year to work shifts. It sickens me!