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What are Stakeholders?

What are Stakeholders?

That is a question that we here at FCCL Have been asking for sometime!

We would like to know how 

We have already mentioned that in last years "Cuts" Proposals, They consulted with 80 Stakeholders regionally. 

So we at FFCL Thought we would try to find out what is meant by the term


Accounting - Introduction to Stakeholders

AuthorJim Riley  Last updated: Wednesday 24 October, 2012
Introduction to stakeholders
Let’s start with a definition of stakeholders, which are:
Groups / individuals that are affected by and/or have an interest in the operations and objectives of the business
Most businesses have a variety of stakeholder groups which can be broadly categorised as follows:
Main stakeholder groups

Stakeholder groups vary both in terms of their interest in the business activities and also their power to influence business decisions.  Here is a useful summary:
StakeholderMain InterestsPower and influence
ShareholdersProfit growth, Share price growth, dividendsElection of directors
Banks & other LendersInterest and principal to be repaid, maintain credit ratingCan enforce loan covenants
Can withdraw banking facilities
Directors and managersSalary ,share options, job satisfaction, statusMake decisions, have detailed information
EmployeesSalaries & wages, job security, job satisfaction & motivationStaff turnover, industrial action, service quality
SuppliersLong term contracts, prompt payment, growth of purchasingPricing, quality, product availability
CustomersReliable quality, value for money, product availability, customer serviceRevenue / repeat business
Word of mouth recommendation
CommunityEnvironment, local jobs, local impactIndirect via local planning and opinion leaders
GovernmentOperate legally, tax receipts, jobsRegulation, subsidies, taxation, planning

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The BBC GCSE Bitesize Website for School Children gives this example

This Link can be found here!

Businesses have different types of internal and external stakeholders, with different interests and priorities. Sometimes these interests can conflict.

What are stakeholders?

stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individualsgroups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business. They include:
Owners who are interested in how much profit the business makes.
Managers who are concerned about their salary.
Workers who want to earn high wages and keep their jobs.
Customers who want the business to produce quality products at reasonable prices.
Suppliers who want the business to continue to buy their products.
Lenders who want to be repaid on time and in full.
The community which has a stake in the business as employers of local people. Business activity also affects the local environment. For example, noisy night-time deliveries or a smelly factory would be unpopular with local residents.
Internal stakeholders are groups within a business - eg owners and workers.External stakeholders are groups outside a business - eg the community.
A diagram showing the different interest groups attached to a business: owners, customers, workers, suppliers, managers, the community
 SO Here at FCCL, we would consider that WYFRS's STAKEHOLDERS would be:-

  1. Owners/Shareholders - They would be the Tax Payers of West Yorkshire
  2. Directors/Managers - Self explanatory 
  3. Customers - The Public of West Yorkshire 
  4. Suppliers - A difficult one to define! but Probably anyone who has an Interest in ARSON
  5. Workers - The Employees (an ever decreasing Number!)
  6. Lenders/Banks - HM Treasury
  7. Community - Same as Owner/Shareholder & Customers
WYFRS , in the -
listed share holders as 
  1. Members of Parliament; 
  2. district, town and parish councils; 
  3. neighbouring fire authorities and emergency services; 
  4. local representative bodies; 
  5. external employer and employee organisations
  6. Voluntary bodies

Now considering that there are
  1. 17 MP's
  2. Approximately 370 Local Councillors
  3. Population approx 2.5 million

We can certainly see how well WYFRS carry out their consultation! or NOT as the case may be!!
PLEASE REMEMBER TUESDAY 13th November is consultation time in Marsden near Huddersfield
for further details click HERE


Sarah Covell said...

Re suppliers. I think sadly this may also included companies who supply WYFRS with goods and services and also the possibility of PRIVATISATION. This has already raised its ugly head in Haworth where the parish council instead of saying No Cuts is looking at plans to take over the provision of the service.
But we know WYFRS try not to consult and we know councillors are complicit in this. Just look at Clr Sharon Hamilton a Unison activist in the NHS but said Nothing last year about reducing cover and has done nothing about the proposed closure this year. Perhaps the `They Slash,You Burn' should have her picture on instead of Cameron & Osborne!

Anonymous said...

Idle Cat

Anonymous said...

Sorry idle cat would like to point out that she thinks the councillor are so in awe of Pilling and Co they are caught in the glare of his shiny buttons on his uniform. The man is on an ego trip and needs stopping. You fire cuts are the people to do it. I wish you all the best and if its true about what we are hearing out him as the liar he is. Good luck.

Sarah Covell said...

Sadly Idle cat we are hearing that you are right. and if it is true what we are hearing then yes resignations are on the agenda. We have decided to pass the matter to somebody we trust. Lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Sharon report her to her branch committee

Anonymous said...

WYRFA don't even need to make a profit is that way they don't bother?

Joe O'Keeffe said...

Four prisons are to be taken over by the private sector, the Ministry of Justice has announced, in a controversial move minsters claim will save millions of pounds.

Northumberland prison, together with South Yorkshire's Moorland, Hatfield and Lindholme prisons, are to be run by private security firms, with the winning bidders yet to be decided.

But Francis Cook, chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, says the coalition has not learned the lessons of the summer's G4S fiasco.

"The government will seek to deflect criticism of its prison privatisation programme by excluding G4S from the next stage of the bidding process, but the principle of awarding lucrative contracts to private companies running prisons on the cheap remains unchallenged," she said.

"This is still a mistake of Olympic proportions."

Other prisons were considered but the Ministry of Justice said that the bids received to run them were not up to standard.

Wolds prison will be returning to public management in July 2013 when the contract with its current management contract expires.

Read the rest of this story on


The Fire Service has been broken up in to what are now essentially regional Fire Services.

Then strip them back to the bare bones, regardless of public safety.

Then allow the greedy to cherry pick the ones that look like they will make a healthy profit.

WAKE UP and resist this nonsense, tell everyone you know what is happening to their public services.

Despite Wolds Prison being returned to the Public Sector, this Tory led Government presses ahead with it's privatisation agenda.

I don't want private Prisons and i certainly don't want to see private Fire Services


The answer is a resounding NO

And you are not being consulted on Fire Cuts, they are being IMPOSED on us all.

Sarah Covell said...

Well said. And our so called labour fire authority will if the community doesn't stop them bang all of these proposals through.