Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just a Quickie !!!!!!!

To let you know we have today asked for an update of the WYFRS incident log for the period between 
 2nd  - 9th November 2012.

This is allegedly WYFRS busiest time of the year ................. BUT some newspaper reports say its been very quiet and others that it was  busy on bonfire night. So we here at FCCL intend to find out the truth................. as we can compare it with last years data.

Sadly we can only assume that as nothing was posted for an entire week the news is not as rosy as they would wish the public to believe.

We sincerely look forward to being



This morning  we read of a fire fatality and as yet no mention of it has appeared on incident log.  Sadly a woman died in a flat fire in West Park in the early hours of this morning. Tenders from Moortown and Cookridge attended. (both closing incidentally)

We offer our sincere condolences to her family. The article in the Yorkshire Evening Post is available HERE


We cant help but wonder how the incident will be logged  as we are hearing stories of fires being misrecorded,  as  now to record a fire as "deliberate"  a fire investigation officer has to attend to confirm it. 

When did this happen as normally it is left to the PROFESSIONAL discretion of the officer in charge ?

What a brilliant way to massage figures!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Deliberate or accidental - what a can of worms.

How will you know if the figures have changed though?

Anonymous said...

Experience! after many years of writing Fire Reports, One has a "nose" for these sort of things! Officers are also providing us with details of incidents

Sarah Covell said...

i dont get it. if reporting methodologys have been changed shouldnt there be the evidence somewhere to document it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sarah it should but you wont find it. And you are fully aware of the "incident" prove that and bingo.