Monday, November 26, 2012

Performance Report 2011/12

Performance Reporting 

 - we took a peek at the 2011 /2012 performance report. 

The full report is available HERE


Number of injuries from accidental fires 
per 100,000  


(9.07% with a target of 7.22)

Now we know from  various station cats across the WYFRS estate  that to get a fire logged as "accidental" or "deliberate"  has been difficult recently,  requiring the attendance of a fire investigation officer rather than the professional experience of the officer in charge- could this be to re profile the above statistic?  

Yes we think so. 

Scarily the Figures are   RISING for 

Number of Fire Casualties (excluding precautionary checks) 
per 100,000 population

( 12.18% with a target of 10.38%) 

Further investigation this shows that West Yorkshire is 
5th out of the 6 metropolitan district fire authorities 
for fire casualties.  

A N Y W A Y 

THIS IS IT !!!!!

 the final week of "consultation"

 although we use the term loosely as we are not convinced

 that WYFRS have actually wholeheartedly embraced the concept.

 It means beings being proactive - rather than the

 "lets sit on our hands" 

and go la la la   strategy they seem to  have adopted. 

Which yet again begs the question what do they employ their "communications" experts to do ? (apart from ringing up FCCL members to try and shut them up ?)  

Perhaps they would be better named - propaganda persons as that is what they promote? For more on this click HERE

We don't doubt that here at FCCL we are going to have to keep soldiering away at Simon P and Co in the coming months AND YEARS - because if  they think we will pack up our laptops on December 21st they are very wrong indeed. 

We intend to.......................................

FCCL  have been so heartened by the community response to our blog we are planning great things for the future - and are already in discussions to co-ordinate with anti fire cuts provision further afield and link into to other brigades campaigns; share expertise etc because not even in our wildest dreams did we realise how successful the FCCL campaign  was going to be, and we have scored not hundreds but THOUSANDS more hits than we ever anticipated.

So to develop further we have linked with a national campaign run in Manchester

  Save Our Fire Service 

run by operational  fire fighter Simon  Hickman. The Save Our Fire Service  site is available HERE and covers national issues, but we at FCCL have a link under the campaigns tag HERE

But more importantly Simon has very kindly for the last week of the campaign set up an automated email  service that will allow you to record your objection to the cuts by simply adding your name, email address and post code  to a simple form, click send and an email will automatically be sent to every fire authority member, Hannah Stoneman, Simon Pilling  AND your local MP. 

How clever is that 

So to register YOUR OBJECTION TO THESE PROPOSALS  click    HERE    (please note you will see no text in the form) 

Now to tell you more about what the FBU have been up to click here to be transferred to the FBU pages on this site

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