Thursday, November 08, 2012

Insurance, Just a thought!

We all should have some form of Insurance. 

Whether it be- 

House Insurance

 Car insurance 

 OR Life Insurance

We hope we never have to make a claim on them, 
But they are there for peace of mind!

When taking out insurance, we all have a choice of the type of Policy to have

The Council Tax Precepts (along with funding from the Taxes that you pay), Pay for the Fire Service (and Police). It is your insurance that in the unlikely event you need them, they will be there.

But................. what happens when the Fire Service (and other Public Services) are cut and the service you pay for is reduced?

What......... can you do then? 

Apparently – Nothing! 

You can’t claim a discount or refund for the reduction in service.

But you do a have a voice! 

SO when plans are proposed to reduce these services......... you can object. 

Tell the Politicians locally and nationally,

Tell the unaccountable Puppet Masters - The Chief and Assistant Chief Fire Officers who concoct these plans.


THE WEST YORKSHIRE FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE's  latest proposals will decimate the Fire Service in West Yorkshire.

Attendance Times Will Increase for the Majority of Us.

Leeds 29 out of 34  Council Wards
Bradford 22 out of 30 Council Wards
Wakefield 17 out of 19 Council Wards
Calderdale 18 out of 19 Council Wards
Kirklees 20 out of 24 Council Wards

Will all have Increased Attendance times!

They say that the fitting of Smoke alarms means that you will be less likely to die in the fire. 


only if you are able to get out, in the first place.
They do not stop fires from happening!

FACT - The longer a fire burns, the more severe it will get. So the longer it takes for a Fire Appliance to reach you, the more chance there is of you losing all your possessions - even if you have managed to get yourself and family out!

“OK”   you say, I've got house insurance to pay for them all replacing. (Well hopefully you should have!)

BUT ... what about all those memories and the family pet?  

(The one the Fire Service tells you not to go back for - and doesn't know what a smoke alarm is!). 

What would you not leave the house without - click here to see

And then the  next year watch your insurance premiums increase .

(More than the amount it would take to maintain the current level of service!).

The fire service argues that calls are reducing.................

The figures they have used to bamboozle the public and baffle the politicians which have been manipulated so much; you've heard the saying;-

 Lies,Damn Lies and Statistics. -Nothing is nearer to THE TRUTH .

 The Consultation document is so full of Gobbledygook that to the lay person it is undecipherable, (and councillors are just like you and I - lay people)

But they are still needed just in case!  Just like your other insurance policies.

The Fire Service has a duty to consult. 

Have you had a Public meeting in your area? 


The so called "consultation period"  closes on 30th November.

You have the chance to make the difference!

The consultation documents are available HERE

Send your objections to

Hannah Stoneman 
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
Oakroyd Hall
Bradford Road
West Yorkshire


Anonymous said...

Just want to say, love the blog. And wish you all great success. You are right about CFO Pilling he is not a fire fighter but a yes man for David Cameron. He should hang his head in shame.

Sarah Covell said...

I have to say I agree with you, he seems to be revelling in these proposed cuts. He has increased his pen pushing managers and is happy to reduce actual fire cover, the wages budget increase for these people is over a million pounds a year increased from 2011. And he always puts other staff in the spotlight, the coward. He should stick his head above the parapet and face the public. Same with the fire authority councillors, they will say one thing and then vote cuts through. If tney do DON'T VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN!