Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is the Chief Fire Officer Worth £160,369 ?

Is the Chief Fire Officer Worth   

£160,369  a year ? 

We have in previous posts referred to the consultation co-ordinator as the  "propaganda person"  well seems we are correct in our assumption as  yesterday morning we awoke to the Telegraph and Argus praising the fire service for their predicted underspend of £1.47 million after slashing its wage bill........... well we are very much aware of some wages that are NOT being slashed. 

David Cameron, the Prime Minister is paid 

£142,500 per annum  to run* the country 

* we use the term loosely of course 

Simon Pilling 

Chief Fire Officer, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue 

Courtesy of Bradford  Telegraph & Argus 

starts off with a basic ............£151,572

+  £1,572 expense allowance
+ £7,224 benefits in kind (lease car which is not taxable

which in total amounts to 

Over one hundred and sixty thousand pounds.   

and where did we get this figure from  

2011 /2012 statement of accounts 
which are available HERE

Lets get this in perspective a "bog standard,  fire fighter" who works shifts, does the dirty work and risks their life gets an average of 

Simon Pilling gets a £32,285 employer contribution to his pension every year, more than even a firefighter earns !

But it isn't just him - below are some other salaries that may shock you. 

So we close this post with some lines that were sent to us -  from  someone who has like us got the poetry bug the tune of Londons Burning - just in case you didn't guess 

Yorkshire burning, Yorkshire burning
Got no engines, got no engines
Dire dire, dire dire
Poor on water, poor on water

Simon's earning, Simon's earning
Sold the engines, sold the engines
Hire hire, hire hire
Tories bought yer, Tories bought yer

It's concerning, it's concerning
Stats cut engines, stats cut engines
Liar liar, liar liar
Give no quarter, give no quarter

Tomorrow we will tell you all about how certain other wage bills are going up up up  but for now just read about the £50 - £55 thousand a year scandal. Its in a post called 1,000 and counting and its available HERE 


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Anonymous said...

£160 thousand - christ i am not suprised he always looks smug.....

Anonymous said...

Simple answer . NO HE IS NOT

Anonymous said...

If we are indeed involved in a consultation process, Why has the Deputy Chief been to Haworth Station tonight 28/11 and informed them that Keighley Station WILL lose a Fire Appliance in April whereas Haworth will be staying open for the time being??????

I don't remember being consulted on that

On the wages scandal Mr Beckley, the Deputy Chief earns over £120,000 and only works part time, not to mention the interest he will be drawing on his massive lump sum payout.

They all go int same pot tha knows