Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hundreds & Thousands

Many many thanks to the HUNDREDS  of people who turned out yesterday to support the Fire Brigades Union at their march and rally in Leeds City Centre. What an inspiring afternoon where members of the public marched side by side with fire fighters past and present  to show their opposition to the cuts in fire provision in West Yorkshire.

And many thanks also to the THOUSANDS who now  read this blog. We passed our personal goals for hits on this blog in the first month and have to keep setting the bar higher on a weekly basis.

From tomorrow we will be blogging on a daily basis telling you facts and figures you need to know to demonstrate we believe that cutting front line services is wrong and why the station cats at Fire HQ are getting fatter and the station cats around West Yorkshire are signing up for the Cats Protection League.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and watch this space from Monday onwards - but before you go please remember what a fire can do by watching the video below which continually reminds us here at FCCL why we are mounting this concerted campaign against the cuts.


Joe O'Keeffe said...

I was one of those in Leeds yesterday marching against the Fire Cuts. It was indeed inspiring to see men, women and children coming out in the cold to protest.

Great to see Fire fighters past and present coming together for a common goal. It was particularly refreshing to see Watch Managers protesting, who can deny that they have the knowledge and experience to see that the proposed cuts are wrong. Watch Managers are the ones on the ground who are in charge at the first attendance to an incident, they are the ones who have to make the real life or death decisions. Watch Managers are the ones who are legally and publicly culpable if they make the wrong decision, and they are the ones who fear turning up to a serious fire dangerously under resourced.

I can sympathise with the Watch Manager who under the proposed cuts will arrive late to a house fire and will have to make the aforementioned decisions not knowing how long it will take for a back-up appliance to arrive.

Therefore Fire Committee Members ask yourselves; "Why are Watch Managers joining this protest?"

The answer is simple; They are concerned with providing adequate fire cover and the safety of both the public and the crews they are responsible for. They are not concerned with statistics and dancing to the tune of a government hell bent on destroying the moral fabric of society.

So to the Watch Managers who marched yesterday, I salute you, let's see more Fire Service Officers having the courage to stand up and say these cuts are wrong.

The public consultation in Keighley was poorly attended, however it was badly advertised (a very small mention in the Keighley News)it was advertised at the incorrect time (6.00pm instead of 5.30pm) it was held at a time that any working person would be excluded from attending. It was also held at a time when 50 per cent of serving Fire Service staff could not attend.

Therefore I will demand of Keighley Town Council that they call another public meeting, at a reasonable time that is well advertised.Let's have a huge attendance at that meeting, and let's see some past or present Watch Officers tell the public how it really is.

Anyone reading this who has an interest in maintaining a proper Fire Service in Keighley and across West Yorkshire, attend meetings, write to, or email your MP, your local council and the Fire Service

Thank you

Sarah Covell said...

Joe could you email us please at thank you.

Bosshooch said...

The least they should do would be to organise a public meeting in each of the areas to be affected, and leaflet all those concerned. They don't do this because they don't want people to object. They still believe in the old "Mushroom" Syndrome - kept in the dark and fed on S*%T. We need the politicians to define exactly what constitutes "Consultation". WYFRS clearly don't know.

Bosshooch said...

This was posted on Facebook, How true it is!

The claim 'I was only following orders' has been used to justify too many tragedies in our history. The public of West Yorkshire doesn't want WYFRS officers who will blindly follow orders.

Anonymous said...

You are so true but if I have read your stuff right those officers will just hide behind / blame the politicians, what a farce!

Bosshooch said...

Anonymous, yes I agree, they will blame the politician, as it will be them that makes the decision. Nothing but Cowards!They should resign in shame!